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Telmac 1800

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Telmac 1800
TypeHome computer, Computer kit
Release date1977; 47 years ago (1977)
Units sold2000
MediaCompact Cassette
CPURCA 1802 (COSMAC) microprocessor CPU
Memory2 kB RAM, expandable to 4 kB
Display64×128 pixels display resolution
GraphicsRCA CDP1861
Soundfixed frequency tone
SuccessorTelmac TMC-600 / Telmac TMC-2000
Telmac 1800 Microcomputer
Telmac 1800 Microcomputer

The Telmac 1800[1] was an early microcomputer delivered in kit form.[2] It was introduced in 1977 by Telercas Oy,[3][4][5] the Finnish importer of RCA microchips. Most of the 2,000 kits manufactured over four years[5] were bought by electronics enthusiasts[1] in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

An expansion board, OSCOM, later became available, and included an alphanumeric video display, and up to 12 kB of memory. A 4 kB Tiny BASIC could be run on this configuration.[6]

The first-ever commercial video game to be developed in Finland, Chesmac (fi), was developed by Raimo Suonio on a Telmac 1800 computer in 1979.[7]

The Telmac 1800 was followed by the Oscom Nano and the Telmac 2000.

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