Telmac 1800

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Telmac 1800
Telmac 1800.JPG
Type Home computer, Computer kit
Release date 1977; 41 years ago (1977)
Media Cassette tape
CPU RCA 1802 (COSMAC) microprocessor CPU
Memory 2 kB RAM, expandable to 4 kB
Graphics 64×32 pixels display resolution
Successor Telmac TMC-600 / Telmac TMC-2000
Telmac 1800 Microcomputer
Telmac 1800 Microcomputer

The Telmac 1800 was an early microcomputer delivered in kit form. It was introduced in 1977 by Telercas, the Finnish importer of RCA microchips. Most of the 2,000 kits manufactured were bought by electronics enthusiasts in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

An expansion board, OSCOM, later became available, and included an alphanumeric video display, and up to 12 kB of memory. A 4 kB Tiny BASIC could be run on this configuration.[1]

The first ever video game to be developed in Finland, Chesmac (fi), was developed by Raimo Suonio on a Telmac 1800 computer in 1979.

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