Telmac TMC-600

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Telmac TMC-600
Telmac TMC-600 1.JPG
Telmac TMC-600
TypeHome computer
Release date1982; 40 years ago (1982)
MediaCompact Cassette
Operating systemTelercas SBASIC
CPURCA 1802 (COSMAC) @ 3,58 MHz
Memory9 kB RAM, expandable to 30 kB
Graphics80×72 pixels display resolution, 40x24 characters
Sound1 channel
PredecessorTelmac 1800
SuccessorTelmac TMC-2000

The Telmac TMC-600[1] was a Finnish microcomputer[2] introduced in 1982 by Telercas Oy,[3] the Finnish importer of RCA microchips. Only 600 units were produced, making it very rare today. The TMC-600 was the only commercially available BASIC-based home computer designed and manufactured in Finland.[2]



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