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Telstra Super
Industry Superannuation
Headquarters Melbourne, Australia
Key people
Chris Davies (CEO), Paul Curtin (CFO), Graeme Miller (CIO), David Leggo (Chairman of the Board)

TelstraSuper is an award-winning, profit-for-members superannuation fund, and is open to current and former Telstra Group employees and eligible members of their families. TelstraSuper is Australia’s largest corporate superannuation fund with over $19 billion in assets invested on behalf of around 100,000 members. [1] The TelstraSuper mission is to help members build a financially secure future.


TelstraSuper was established in 1990 and has grown to become Australia's largest corporate super fund.[2] The fund was initially established for the sole benefit of Telecom employees and named the Telecom Superannuation Scheme. After being renamed the Telstra Superannuation Scheme in 1996, the fund extended its membership eligibility in 2007 to include former Telstra employees and the eligible family of existing Telstra Super members.[3]


TelstraSuper was named Platinum 2016 Choice Super by independent ratings agency SuperRatings in recognition of being a "best value for money" superannuation fund, and also Platinum Pension 2016 in recognition for the "Best Value for Money Retirement Income" product, RetireAccess.[4]

The fund was named 'Fund of the Year 2015' and 'Super of the Year' in 2015 and 2014 by SuperRatings,[5] and named a Top 10 super fund for 2013 by independent ratings agency Chant West.[6] Other awards include ‘Super of the Year 2012’ at the SuperRatings Fund of the Year Awards[7] and '2012 Super Fund of the Year’ at the Rainmaker Excellence Awards.[8]

The fund has consistently achieved a Platinum Rating from 2006-2016 from super research company SuperRatings, which compares investment returns, investment methodology, fees, and administration and advisory services to identify “the best value for money funds” in Australia.[9]

Investment Options[edit]

TelstraSuper offers a range of investment options that allow members to take control of their super.[10]

Diversified: Your money is invested across several asset classes including shares, cash, property and fixed interest.

Single asset: Choose from Australian Shares, International Shares, Property, Cash and Fixed Interest.

Direct Access: This option offers you the ability to invest your super directly in companies listed in the ASX300, a range of selected Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) including ethical options, and term deposits.

If you'd rather not make an investment choice, that's not a problem. Members will be invested in the default investment strategy, TelstraSuper MySuper. TelstraSuper MySuper consists of three age-based investment stages as shown below. The account balance and contributions of TelstraSuper MySuper members will be invested in the relevant age-based investment stage, then, as the member ages, their balance will automatically be moved to the relevant investment stage in the arrangement.


TelstraSuper operates under the direction of the TelstraSuper Board of Directors, led by independent Chairman David Leggo. The current Chief Executive Officer is Chris Davies, the current Chief Financial Officer is Paul Curtin and the current Chief Investment Officer is Graeme Miller.

TelstraSuper membership is open to current and former employees of the Telstra Group (including Telstra, Sensis and Foxtel), employees of a Telstra-approved employer (Telstra Stores) and eligible members of their families. The fund currently offers 10 investment options, which have generally achieved returns above the industry median.[11]


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