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Nomination of ARTICLE NAME for deletion

This is a courtesy message to notify you that the article ARTICLE NAME is being considered for deletion. All editors, including you, are welcome to discuss this at Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/ARTICLE NAME until a consensus is reached. The nomination and discussion are expected to focus on the quality of evidence and the policies and guidelines which are of concern. Please be aware that there are a number of arguments to avoid in a deletion discussion.

Users are encouraged to edit the article during the discussion, particularly in ways that address the concerns raised in that discussion. However, please do not attempt to remove the article-for-deletion notice from the top of the article— doing so may be considered an act of bad faith and will not halt the deletion process. Thank you!

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This template is intended to be placed on a user talk page to warn the creator of or a principal contributor to an article that such article has been nominated for deletion at Wikipedia:Articles for deletion. Wikipedia Page History Statistics may be used to identify principal contributors to an article by number of edits.

To use, append {{subst:Afd notice|Name of nominated page}} ~~~~ to a user talk page; a section heading will be automatically created. If this is a renomination or a group nomination, please give the name of the nomination page as a second parameter.


  • {{subst:Afd notice| ARTICLE NAME }} ~~~~
  • {{subst:Afd notice| ARTICLE NAME | ARTICLE NAME (2nd nomination) }} ~~~~
  • {{subst:Afd notice| ARTICLE NAME | NAME OF GROUP NOMINATION PAGE }} ~~~~

The template should always be substituted lest attempted replies should modify the template page; editors are encouraged to modify substituted templates to suit unique circumstances. Note that if you use the Twinkle tool, this template and all of the other relevant deletion-related templates will be automatically added to all of the corresponding pages for you whenever you nominate a page for deletion.

Warning: Aggressive use of this template may be seen as canvassing, which is disruptive and may lead to the canvasser(s) being blocked.


You can change the level-one header to a level-two header:

  • {{subst:Afd notice| ARTICLE NAME | header=2}}

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