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This is a Did you knowDYK comment symbol special purpose template.

Template {{DYK conditions}}

This template was developed for Did you knowDYK comment symbol specialized use. It allows the inclusion of template switches that will trigger off the included conditions, without the impact of obfuscation that occurs when the full syntax is added to the template directly.


  • Either {{DYK conditions}} or {{DYKC}} may be used. Without parameters, it is for integral use with {{NewDYKnomination}}. It adds the condition that #if: the nomination is transcluded to an article talk page, or a user talk page, a level two header will be included, and the rest of the content displays within that level two section. When the nomination archives, all of the transcluded content will disappear, including the header. The following is an example of the level two header that appears in the specified namespace:

Did you knowDYK comment symbol nomination

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