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Drinkboy recipe recipe at DrinkBoy

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Drinkboy recipe: Mixed Drinks WikiProject link to DrinkBoy.com Recipes

{{Drinkboy recipe}} is used to generate a standardized link to mixed drink recipes at DrinkBoy.com. DrinkBoy has been reviewed by participants of the Mixed Drinks WikiProject and several other editors at Wikipedia, and has been found to be a reliable mixed drink resource, with minimal commercial advertising.

For template or usage questions, contact Willscrlt (recent esoteric enhancements) or GeoffCapp (original template developer).


This template should be used exclusively for mixed drink articles (i.e., cocktails), since it only links to the cocktails portion of the site. If other WikiProjects would find it useful to extend this template to include links to the Liquor, Tools, or Bars section of the site, please discuss it on this template's talk page.

By using this template instead of manually coding a link to DrinkBoy's site, it will be easy to update all pages linking to DrinkBoy if the DrinkBoy.com site ever changes its site in a way that would normally break such links. If that happens, one change to this template should update all the links throughout Wikipedia at once.

It is important that the template is transcluded into the article, rather than substed in. Substituting breaks the dynamic connection to the template, and such pages will no longer dynamically update.


  • Go to DrinkBoy and locate the cocktail to which you wish to link.
  • Click on the link to go to the cocktail's page.
  • The page URL should look like http://www.drinkboy.com/Cocktails/Recipe.aspx?itemid=###, where "###" indicates the id number of the drink.
  • Copy ONLY the id portion of the URL indicated by ### above.
  • If one does not already exist, add a section named "External links" near the bottom of the wiki article.
  • Add the following text to the external links section as shown:
==External links==
* {{Drinkboy recipe|link=###|name=PRETTY NAME}}
    • The asterisk (*) is to make the link be part of a bulleted list (since it's part of the list of external links).
    • "###" is the number you've copied from the DrinkBoy URL. The link attribute is required.
    • "PRETTY NAME" is the cocktail's name for display in the external link.
    • If both the link and name attributes are the identical, the name parameter may be omitted and will default to the link attribute's value if omitted (or the name of the article if both are omitted).


Searching for "Singapore Sling", you'll reach the page: http://www.drinkboy.com/Cocktails/Recipe.aspx?itemid=151

Copy "151" from the URL and then add the following to External links in the Singapore Sling article:

* {{Drinkboy recipe|link=151|name=Singapore Sling}}
The result is:

Searching for "Daiquiri", you'll reach the page: http://www.drinkboy.com/Cocktails/Recipe.aspx?itemid=53

Copy "53" from the URL and then add the following to External links in the Daiquiri article:

* {{Drinkboy recipe|link=53|name=Daiquiri}}
The result is: