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As of 2 June 2018, there are 3,786 confirmed planets in 2,834 systems, with 629 systems having more than one planet.[1]

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The {{Extrasolar planet counts}} template centralizes the counts of verified extrasolar planets and systems. These are used in several articles, and sometimes more than once. Placing them here allows them all to be updated at once, and avoids the problem of only one count in an article getting updated. This template should not be subst'd.


The template is used as follows:

{{Extrasolar planet counts|parameter}}

The first parameter specifies the data value to be inserted:

  • asof - the date as of which the data is valid. With asof only, a second parameter can be specified indicating the format of the date to be inserted. {{date}} is used, and the format codes are defined there.
  • planet_count - the number of extrasolar planets
  • system_count - the number of systems with extrasolar planets
  • multiplanetsystem_count - the number of systems with more than one extrasolar planet
  • ref - adds a reference to http://exoplanet.eu/catalog/
  • full - if the entire message displayed on this template is desired

Data source[edit]

These numbers are sourced from the frequently updated Interactive Extra-solar Planets Catalog, located here.

Click here to update the data. The numbers can be updated by locating the switch statement in the template source code, and updating the four data items therein.

Historical note: Prior to 10-Jul-2012, the Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia displayed this data in a different format, and a different procedure was used to update this template. See a version of this documentation page from before that date for the older procedure.