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How to manage this template's initial visibility
To manage this template's visibility when it first appears, add the parameter:

|state=collapsed to show the template in its collapsed state, i.e. hidden apart from its titlebar – e.g. {{Malt liquors |state=collapsed}}
|state=expanded to show the template in its expanded state, i.e. fully visible – e.g. {{Malt liquors |state=expanded}}
|state=autocollapse to show the template in its collapsed state but only if there is another template of the same type on the page – e.g. {{Malt liquors |state=autocollapse}}

Unless set otherwise (see the |state= parameter in the template's code), the template's default state is autocollapse.

Template documentation

The template below is intended to provide easy navigation between articles on malt liquor. As articles are created for more brands, these will be added to the template, avoiding red links.

Note that malt liquor can mean different things; in this context, it refers to a specific style of beer in the United States. These beers are strong lagers, but the malt liquors often have sugar, maize or other adjuncts added to the malt to boost their alcoholic strength. These beers tend to have minimal hops and are bitter. The lower quality of these beers make them economical alternative choices to name-brand beers, especially in low-income urban areas.