St. Ides

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This article is about the malt liquor. For the Catholic saint, see Saint Ita.
St. Ides
Manufacturer Pabst Brewing Company
Alcohol by volume 8.2%
Style Malt Liquor

St. Ides is a malt liquor manufactured by the Pabst Brewing Company. The beverage contains 8.2% alcohol by volume, which is stronger than many high-alcohol malt liquors. It was launched by the McKenzie River Corporation in 1987. St. Ides gained prominence during the late 1980s and early 1990s through the use of celebrity endorsements by rap artists.

The beer is also available in a number of "St. Ides Special Brews" which have a variety of flavorings, including mint and various fruit flavors. St. Ides is one of the last malt liquor brands to continue using the 'narrow neck' glass 40 oz. bottle to store the beer; the vast majority of malt liquors sold by competitors as well as within the Pabst portfolio (such as Olde English 800) are now sold in 'wide neck' plastic bottles.[1]


The St. Ides brand has used celebrity endorsements by rappers. Chuck D took a stance against malt liquor advertising and sued the brand's then-owner, the McKenzie River Brewing Company, for using his voice without his permission.[2]



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