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New Zealand Parliament
Years Term Electorate List Party
2014–present 51st Auckland 55 Labour

NZ Parlbox is a series of templates designed to add a record of a New Zealand Member of Parliament's time in the House.

The Templates[edit]

The following templates are essential;
{{NZ parlbox header}}

  • add "|nolist = true" to remove "List" column, otherwise this parameter is not needed.
  • add "|align = left" to have the parlbox on the left hand side of the page.

{{NZ parlbox}} - Use multiple times for different terms.

  • |start = Year started. This can be wikilinked to the general election year, or the year of the by-election.
  • |end = Year ended, leave blank for just one year. See note below on year ranges.
  • |term = Number of Parliament, current is "49th" (no wikilink)
  • |electorate = Name of electorate (as wikilink) or "List".
  • |list = Position on list; leave blank for FPP/by-election.
  • |party = Name of party. See Wikipedia:Index of New Zealand political party meta attributes and enter the name as per the 'Article' column (no wikilink).

{{NZ parlbox footer}}
The following templates are optional;
{{NZ parlbox break}} - To indicate time away from the house.
{{NZ parlbox allegiance}} - To indicate a change in party allegiance, where no by-election takes place.

{{NZ parlbox allegiance minor}} - To indicate a change of allegiance to a minor party, or vanity party that has no meta/shading template.

  • |color= Use either Hex values, named colors or existing meta template.
  • |start = Year started.
  • |end = Year ended, leave blank for just one year. See note below on year ranges.
  • |party = Name of party.

Note that this template produces a year range for each parliamentary term using the start and end parameters. As per WP:YEAR, a closing year is normally written with two digits (2005–08) unless it is in a different century from that of the opening year (1999–2002). The full closing year is acceptable, but abbreviating it to a single digit (2005–8) or three digits (1996–999) is not.

Nested templates[edit]

NZ parlbox will accept either wikilinks or nested templates as the start, end & electorate parameters.

Template usage:

{{NZ electorate link|Botany}} produces Botany
{{NZ election link year|2011}} produces 2011
{{By-election link year|Mana|2010}} produces 2010


Copy and paste one of the following:

Vertical layout:
 {{NZ parlbox header}}
 {{NZ parlbox
 |start      = <!-- year starting this seat -->
 |end        = <!-- year ending this seat -->
 |term       = <!-- term of Parliament with this seat -->
 |electorate = <!-- electorate (MUST HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL) / enter list if not electorate MP -->
 |list       = <!-- position on party list -->
 |party      = <!-- title of Wikipedia article of party (no wikilink) -->
 {{NZ parlbox footer}}
Horizontal layout:
 {{NZ parlbox header}}
 {{NZ parlbox|start= |end= |term= |electorate= |list= |party= }}
 {{NZ parlbox footer}}


{{NZ parlbox header|align=left}}
{{NZ parlbox|start=1996|end=99|term=45th|electorate={{NZ electorate link|Auckland}}|list=55|party=New Zealand Labour Party}}
{{NZ parlbox footer}}


New Zealand Parliament
Years Term Electorate List Party
1996–99 45th Auckland 55 Labour



{{NZ parlbox header|nolist=true}}
{{NZ parlbox|start=1996|end=99|term=45th|electorate=Auckland|party=Independent (politician)}}
{{NZ parlbox allegiance|start=1999|party=New Zealand First}}
{{NZ parlbox|start=1999|end=2002|term=46th|electorate=Auckland|list=55|party=New Zealand First}}
{{NZ parlbox break}}
{{NZ parlbox|start=2008|term=49th|electorate=Auckland|list=55|party=New Zealand National Party}}
{{NZ parlbox footer}}


New Zealand Parliament
Years Term Electorate Party
1996–99 45th Auckland Independent
1999 Changed allegiance to: NZ First
1999–2002 46th Auckland 55 NZ First
2008 49th Auckland 55 National