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Hi, Narniainterest, I noticed that you have some interest or expertise in C. S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia. I thought you may be care to know that there is a WikiProject working to improve articles about Narnia, and your help would be greatly appreciated. Please consider joining the Chronicles of Narnia task force by adding your name here, to the bottom of the list Novels Project list and then visiting the talk page to see how you can get involved, if you like. If you want, my best suggestion is to first get acquainted with the ventures of the project, and then try adopting an article. Thank you! ~~~~


  • optional parameter (unnamed) for the name of the article which will have the text read "thanks for your contributions to [article name]."
  • me – type in your user name if the user is an IP address; this will include a sentence about registering. The first parameter is required, then; otherwise, it's pointless to put the template on the talk page of an anonymous user who hasn't edited a Narnia article.
  • message – optional message to the user at the end before "thank you"
  • Please SUBST this template. Otherwise the autosig won't work.