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This template adds articles to Category:Old requests for peer review. The preferred syntax is

{{Old peer review|archive=N}}.

If the archive parameter is omitted, the template links to a peer review via [[Wikipedia:Peer review/ARTICLE NAME]], otherwise, it links to the peer review at [[Wikipedia:Peer review/ARTICLE NAME/archiveN]], where ARTICLE NAME is the name of the article (given by {{PAGENAME}}).

However, the first type of page name for peer reviews is now deprecated, and all new peer reviews should be placed on /archiveN pages (starting with /archive1 for the first peer review).

Technical note

The intention of the current system is that peer reviews should never be moved. However, if an article is moved, the above syntax will no longer link correctly to the peer review at [[Wikipedia:Peer review/OLD ARTICLE NAME]] or [[Wikipedia:Peer review/OLD ARTICLE NAME/archiveN]]. This can be fixed by adding the old article name to the template using one of the following formats:

  • {{Old peer review|OLD ARTICLE NAME}}
  • {{Old peer review|OLD ARTICLE NAME|archive=N}}
  • {{Old peer review|OLD ARTICLE NAME/archiveN}}.

The first format provides a link to [[Wikipedia:Peer review/OLD ARTICLE NAME]], while the second and third formats link to [[Wikipedia:Peer review/OLD ARTICLE NAME/archiveN]].

The category below contains articles with such an additional parameter:

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