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Abdul Haris Nasution
Abdul Haris Nasution (3 December 1918 – 6 September 2000) was an Indonesian army general. Born into a Batak Muslim family in the North Sumatran village of Hutapungkut, in what was then the Dutch East Indies, he studied teaching and enrolled at a military academy in Bandung. After Sukarno declared Indonesia's independence on 17 August 1945, Nasution joined the war against the Dutch, commanding the Siliwangi Division guerrilla unit in West Java. After the country's internationally recognised independence in 1949, Nasution was appointed Chief of Staff of the army. He remained in post being suspended in 1952 following a failed show of force against the president. He was reappointed Chief of Staff in 1955. In 1965 there was a coup attempt by the 30 September Movement. Natution's house was attacked, and his daughter killed, but he was able to escape by scaling a wall and hiding in the Iraqi ambassador's residence.Photograph: Punt / Anefo; restoration: Chris Woodrich