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Ancestral taxa
Ichnostem-Group: Tetrapoda  [Taxonomy; edit]
Ichnosuperclass: Amniotaipidii  [Taxonomy; edit]
Ichnosubclass: Synapsidipida  [Taxonomy; edit]
Ichnoorder: Pelycosauriipedii  [Taxonomy; edit]
Ichnosuborder: Eupelycosauripedii  [Taxonomy; edit]
Ichnosuperorder: Therapsidepidida  [Taxonomy; edit]
Ichnoorder: Therapsidia  [Taxonomy; edit]
Ichnosuborder: Cynodontipidia  [Taxonomy; edit]
Ichnoinfraorder: Eucynodontipidia  [Taxonomy; edit]
Ichnoclass: Mammalipida  [Taxonomy; edit]
Ichnogenus: Ornithichnites  [Taxonomy; edit]

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Parent: Mammalipida [Taxonomy; edit]
Rank: ichnogenus (displays as Ichnogenus)
Link: Ornithichnites
Extinct: yes
Always displayed: no
Taxonomic references: "Paleofile". Retrieved 11 Feb 2011. 
Parent's taxonomic references: "Paleofile". Retrieved 9 Feb 2011.