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This template is a simplified wrapper around {{Google translation}}, specifically to translate articles from other language Wikipedias to English. As with {{Google translation}}, the template creates an external link to a Google Translate page, with the destination language set to English. Syntax:

{{Translate wikipedia|source language code|Title of source-language Wikipedia page to translate|link text}}

You must provide a source language and source page title, with the source page title being in the source language. The link text is optional, and defaults to:

Translate code:page title to English

For a list of available language codes, see the {{Google translation}} template page. Google's translation tool has a size limit that prevents it from translating long articles entirely. You may have to manually copy and paste sections of a long article into Google's translation tool page online.

Avoid using in articles[edit]

WP:EL#Non-English language content advises against linking to non-English content from articles in the English Wikipedia, but does not forbid it in all cases. Links to machine-translated pages from articles may lead to disputes with other editors, who may feel the quality of translation is insufficient to create a reliable source. Therefore, use your judgment, and check the quality of translation to make sure it is adequate to use as a source.

There should be no problem with using this template on non-article pages, such as talk pages, the Help desk, user pages, and so on. See the similar advice for template such as {{Google}}.


Type this To get this What it produces
{{Translate wikipedia|de|Windkraftanlage}} Translate de:Windkraftanlage to English Translate the de:Windkraftanlage article from the German Wikipedia to English
{{Translate wikipedia|es|Energía eólica en España}} Translate es:Energía eólica en España to English Translate the es:Energía eólica en España article from the Spanish Wikipedia to English
{{Translate wikipedia|da|Vindmølle}} Translate da:Vindmølle to English Translate the da:Vindmølle article from the Danish Wikipedia to English
{{Translate wikipedia|da|Vindmøllepark}} Translate da:Vindmøllepark to English Translate the da:Vindmøllepark article from the Danish Wikipedia to English
{{Translate wikipedia|it|Energia eolica}} Translate it:Energia eolica to English Translate the it:Energia eolica article from the Italian Wikipedia to English

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