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  • The box is aimed at Unicode-related pages. Guidelines do recommend not to create a box with numerous entries, like with names of 165 Unicode-blocks.

Unicode terms used[edit]

  • A block in Unicode is a named, single continuous group of code points, e.g. Miscellaneous Symbols Unicode block with range U+2600–26FF. Each character is in one block. A block can include non/assigned code points, non/character codepoints etcetera.
  • A script is related to speech (like the alphabet), symbols are related to their meaning (like chess-symbols). Symbols also include controls and Unicode-specials like Byte order mark(BOM). All defined Unicode characters are either in a script or a symbol.
  • Charts are examples of glyphs, i.e. a rendered character (the "A" you read)
  • Due to legacy character sets like ASCII, and due to intended usage of Unicode, multiple issues arise from pairs of characters with an overlapping meaning etc.
  • Special characters have a Unicode-defined behavior.
  • Miscellaneous lists are lists of characters that are not in one block. Cultural symbols like religious crosses are in different blocks.

Unicode version[edit]

  • Scripts: Unicode as of version 5.2; Batak, Brāhmī, Mandaic: added as per version 6.0

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