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You are the "REVISIONUSER" (because you are the USER who will edit, or make a REVISION to your friend's talk page), so your USERNAME will automatically appear in place of {{subst:REVISIONUSER}}.

To spread WikiLove with wolves, use {{subst:Wolves}}. To use just part of your username (like "Frieda" rather than "Frieda Misgreat"), type in a pipe ( | ) and the #1 parameter, like this...


to render...

If you would like to add a personal message inside the box, use the #2 parameter like this...

{{subst:Wolves|2='''''Happiest of Holidays to You and Yours!'''''}} 

which renders...

And of course you can use both #1 and #2 if you like. You can always place a friendly, personal message before or after the template, as well.

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