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I normally have no issues using HLIST, however...[edit]

In this instance, using HLIST removes the ability of making the bullets invisible and thus you have bullets with nothing between them before the wikilinks in the navbxox even start, which frankly just looks disorganized and silly to me.

There only two solutions I can see to resolving this issue while keeping the HLIST format, neither of which I consider particularly desirable:

  • 1) Make the "1990s" section start with the visible 1993-1994 season, thus eliminating the invisible 90-91, 91-92, and 92-93 seasons. This would resolve the problem and keep the template within HLIST but it would come at the costs of:
    • making it less obvious that 93-94 was the first season
    • eliminating vertical alignment in the navbox among years ending with the same number ('03-'04 is directly below '93-'94, for example)
    • and breaking conformity that the navbox should have with other NHL seasons boxes.
  • 2) Make the "invisible" seasons visible, but mark them off as seasons in which the team had not yet begun playing by coloring them a shade of gray or drawing a line across them using strikeout tags. This would allow HLIST to be kept and solve the empty bullets issue, but at the costs of:
    • it being less obvious that the team did not exist and did not play from the seasons '90-'91 through '92-'93, and—
    • the differing colors and/or patterns leading to potential confusion for readers.

In short, the original, non-HLIST design of the template was designed to override all of these potential drawbacks, and indeed it had been doing so until recently. If there is a way of solving this dilemma while preserving the current usage of HLIST, I do not know of it; if you know a way to do so, let me know—I have no oppositions to using HLIST if these hurdles can be overcome with it. If they cannot, however, the only viable solution I can currently think of is reverting the navbox to its old form.

RedSoxFan274 (talk~contribs) 04:53, 16 June 2012 (UTC)

join the discussion at WT:HOCKEY. Frietjes (talk) 17:03, 16 June 2012 (UTC)