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vague, imprecise & subjective wording: "Natural food substitutes"[edit]

It's very unclear what "Natural food substitutes" is attempting to indicate. The contents are an odd mishmash of modern, Western synthetic products (e.g. non-dairy creamer and isolated chemicals like Phyllodulcin) and on the other hand, completely natural, traditional (especially in non-Western countries) products (e.g. coconut milk) that only seem like "substitutes" if one is coming from a very Western, heavily meat and dairy consuming perspecitve. (Interestingly also, peanut butter, which doesn't contain dairy butter, isn't categorized amongst the dairy analogues/"substitutes".)

It's therefore necessary to clarify what exactly "Natural food substitutes" is attempting to indicate. Perhaps "Synthetic substitutes for natural foods" might be one more helpful subcategory - for the first (modern synthetic) products. The other articles on meat analogues & dairy ananlogues could perhaps go under a subcategory entitled "Vegetarian and Vegan foods"? --Philologia (talk) 07:59, 10 December 2018 (UTC)