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Temptation of Wife
Developed by Dode Cruz
Written by
  • Luningning Ribay
  • Christine Novicio
Directed by
Theme music composer Tata Betita
Opening theme "I Can't Forgive"
Ending theme "Anong Daling Sabihin?" by Kyla
Composer(s) Vehnee Saturno
Original language(s)
No. of episodes 113
Executive producer(s) Carolyn B. Galve
Location(s) Quezon City, Philippines
Cinematography Roman Theodosiss
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time 30-45 minutes
Production company(s) GMA Entertainment TV
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i NTSC
Original release October 29, 2012 (2012-10-29) – April 5, 2013 (2013-04-05)
Related shows Temptation of Wife
External links
Website www.gmanetwork.com/entertainment/shows/temptationofwife

Temptation of Wife is a Philippine television drama series developed by Richard Cruz, which premiered on GMA Network it premiered on October 29, 2012 in GMA Telebabad block, replacing Luna Blanca, and October 30, 2012 worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV. The series is a remake of 2008 South Korean hit drama series of the same title. It banners Marian Rivera, Dennis Trillo, Glaiza de Castro and Rafael Rosell as the four main characters of the series. It is under the helm of Dominic Zapata.[1]

The show is part of the network's line-up of primetime shows for the last quarter of 2012, along with Aso ni San Roque, Pahiram ng Sandali and Paroa: Ang Kuwento ni Mariposa.

The series concluded on April 5, 2013 and replacing by Love & Lies on its timeslot. The show ran for twenty three weeks with 185 episodes. From September 2, 2013, until February 12, 2014 it was re-aired on GMA Life TV worldwide. This series was also released in My Pinoy TV.


Angeline and Heidi share a deep bond of friendship ever since Heidi was orphaned and was taken under the custody of Angeline's parents, Abner and Minda. Angeline grows up responsible and compassionate while Heidi, fueled by ambition and envy, secretly detests Angeline and always feels inferior next to her.

Many boys are attracted to Angeline but she falls in love with Marcel. It doesn't take long before Angeline becomes pregnant and gives up on her dreams of becoming a nurse in order to marry Marcel.

Although their marriage is void of happiness, Angeline tries to be an excellent wife to her husband, and takes good care of her in-laws, Romeo and Stella. However, she soon learns that the life she chose is full of lies and betrayals. Adding to her woes is her unexpected miscarriage. She soon discovers that Marcel is cheating on her and shocked to learn of Heidi’s treachery. Angeline is devastated by the thought of being betrayed by the two people closest to her heart.

Marcel decides to end his affair with Heidi but Heidi is already pregnant with his child. He chooses to live with her as Angeline is forced to go back and stay with her parents. But Angeline finds out that she, too, is pregnant with Marcel's child.

Heidi then tries to get rid of that child but ends up drowning Angeline herself by accident. But by a twist of fate, Angeline survives and is back for revenge. She assumes the identity of another woman and seeks out vengeance against Marcel and Heidi. Now, it's time for pay back and Angeline will do everything to taste the bittersweet part of her revenge.

Heidi later reveals that she is not pregnant with Marcel after the gynecologist reveals that she has a cyst on her ovaries which it fakes her pregnancy and Heidi won't accept the truth. Angeline as Chantal Gonzales finally reveals her real identity after she manages to take over Bella France as well as Marcel and his family's livelihood as part of her revenge against both of them. Marcel becomes guilty for his actions and decides to reconcile with Angeline but she angrily refuses due to his illicit affair with Heidi and his life with his family becomes poor like Angeline did before him.

Towards the end of the series, which Heidi has a 4th stage ovarian cancer due to not being treated and keeps focusing on killing Angeline. She attempts to kill Angeline one final time, Marcel arrives and he tackles her to safety and receives a gunshot wound from Heidi's handgun who finally foils her plans and was mortally wounded. Heidi was dismayed and guilty from her actions she was soon arrested by the police. Before dying, Marcel tells Angeline that he still loves her and finally apologizes from his actions from the very beginning and dies as Angeline cries on his arms.

After the incident, Heidi who is now in prison who also died due to her ovarian cancer elapses and wants to see Marcel in heaven as she stated before dying. Therefore, Romeo and Stella apologize to Angeline after their son sacrifices his life to save her from Heidi as well as Romeo rekindles his friendship to his former girlfriend, Yolanda Armada after what happened to their past relationship. In the end, Angeline was married to Yolanda's step-older son, Nigel.

Cast and characters[edit]

Main characters[edit]

Marian Rivera played Angeline Santos/Chantal Gonzales, originally played by Jang Seo-hee
  • Angeline Santos-Salcedo / Chantal Gonzales – portrayed by Marian Rivera. She is the dutiful and much-love daughter of Abner and Minda Santos and the meek and submissive wife of Marcel Salcedo. Angeline gave up everything for love, including her studies and the dream of giving her family a more comfortable life. Her marriage life, however, seems to be a rough road journey, having an unfaithful husband and a ruthless mother-in-law. But what is more painful is when she found out that her husband and her cousin best friend, Heidi, have an illicit affair. She later poses as Chantal Gonzales after she survives from being drowned and lost her baby from being miscarriaged. She finally takes revenge against Marcel and Heidi by taking over Bella France and Marcel's family livelihood to make them live in a poor life like she did before. In the end of the series after Marcel's death, she is married to Nigel Armada.[2]
Dennis Trillo played Marcel Salcedo, originally played by Byun Woo-min
  • Marcel Salcedo† - played by Dennis Trillo. He is an irresponsible and self-centered man who struggles to fulfill his responsibility as the heir to the Salcedo’s vast empire and to keep up to his father's high expectations. As a spouse, Marcel tries, as much as possible, to be a good husband to Angeline Santos, although he doesn’t really love her. As the story progresses, he finally feels guilty from his actions and wants to reconcile with Angeline after revealing her disguise as Chantal Gonzales and also to discover Heidi's secret which she was not pregnant with his child as she pretended. Marcel angrily breaks up with her. Marcel was killed by Heidi towards the end of the series after he sacrifices his life to save Angeline from being shot as he finally apologizes to her from his actions in the very beginning before dying.[3]
Glaiza de Castro portrays Heidi Fernandez, originally portrayed by Kim Seo-hyung
  • Heidi Fernandez† – portrayed by Glaiza de Castro, Angeline Santos' hard-hearted cousin and best friend. She works as a beauty consultant/manager at Bella France, a beauty company. Heidi secretly detests Angeline because she feels that fate has always favored the latter over her and has given her the things and people that she had always wanted. One of which is Angeline’s husband, Marcel Salcedo. She was also responsible for drowning Angeline and her miscarriage which she initially wanted to kill Marcel's child from her. Her pregnancy to Marcel was revealed to be a fake after the gynecologist reveals to her that she has a cyst on her ovaries which she cannot accept the truth. She also pretends to be pregnant with Marcel until the latter discovers her secret which results her being broke up with him. Towards the end of the series, she gains a 4th stage ovarian cancer due to being not treated her cyst and more focus on killing her cousin, Angeline. Her last attempt was to kill Angeline by wielding a handgun but her plans are failed when she shot Marcel with her handgun after he tackles Angeline to safety. She soon becomes dismayed and guilty from her actions and was later taken custody by the police. After Marcel's death, she was dying inside the prison as her ovarian cancer elapses and she stated that she will meet Marcel in heaven before dying.
  • Nigel Armada – played by Rafael Rosell. Orphaned at a young age, Nigel found a new family with the wealthy Yolanda Armada, who happily raises him as her own. He eventually becomes a successful architect. His serene life changes when Angeline Santos enters his life and fall in love with her. Although Angeline is having a hard time forgetting her traumatic past and opens her heart once again, Nigel will continuously hope that his love for her will someday be reciprocated. He also helps his step-mother, Yolanda to train Angeline to become a prime and proper lady to become as Chantal Gonzales after Angeline reveals to them about her survival. In the end of the series, he marries Angeline Santos after Marcel's death.[4]

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Abner Santos – played by Rez Cortez; he is the head of Santos family. He is tough-looking but a soft-hearted man. His family is the most important thing in his life and will do anything to protect them.
  • Minda Santos – played by Rio Locsin; she is the loving and caring mother of Angeline Santos. A practical home maker who also serves as Angelines's inspiration and source of strength.
  • Leo Santos – portrayed by Antonio Aquitania. He is the tough but caring brother of Angeline Santos. Despite being a college dropout, Leo struggles to prove his worth as the second man of the family. He is head-over-heels in love with Heidi Fernandez. However, she only regards him as a mess.
  • Romeo Salcedo – portrayed by Raymond Bagatsing; the patriarch of the Salcedo clan. He is considered as one of the most respected and well known businessmen in the real estate business. Because of this, he also expects his son, Marcel Salcedo to follow his lead. However, Marcel always turned out to be his biggest disappointment. Romeo is a very principled man, but unknowingly, he harbors a secret past which he has a relationship with Yolanda Armada before he marries Stella. Towards the end of the series, he and Stella finally apologizes to Angeline after Marcel's death and later he rekindles his friendship with Yolanda.
  • Darlene Armada – portrayed by Diva Montelaba. Darlene is the fashionista as Nigel Armada's girlfriend. He is campus of the most obsession and secretary in the bitter rivals, Abner Santos to beautiful surrogate is the girlfriend.
  • Stella Salcedo – played by Cherie Gil. Stella is the aristocratic spouse of Romeo Salcedo and the ruthless mother-in-law of Angeline Santos. Ever since, she doesn’t like her daughter-in-law because she thinks Angeline doesn’t belong to their class and treats her like a servant. She later gains a rivalry towards Yolanda Armada which is her husband's former girlfriend. In the end of the series, she and Romeo apologize to Angeline after Marcel's death.[5]
  • Madel Salcedo – portrayed by Bettina Carlos. A mentally challenged woman known as Romeo Salcedo's younger sister. She has a crush on Leo, Angeline's brother.[6][7]
  • Yolanda Armada – portrayed by Ayen Munji-Laurel, Nigel and Chantal Armada’s mother. She is a successful and vicious woman who can stand up to anyone. But behind her image and success lies a dark past, which however, impact her present disposition in a big way, leaving lasting repercussions. She is also the former girlfriend of Romeo Salcedo who had a relationship in the past before Romeo marries Stella which causes her to break her heart and wants to have revenge against them. In the end of the series, she was reunited with Romeo who wanted to rekindled their friendship and later becomes the mother in-law to Angeline who is now married to Nigel.[8]
  • Chantal Armada – played by Michelle Madrigal. Yolanda Armada's younger daughter who is obsessively in love with her adopted older brother, Nigel. Her obsession causes her downfall for she is willing to risk everything, even her own life, for him. Heidi and Chantal makes Angeline's life as miserable as hell.

Minor characters[edit]

As the series progressed, several recurring characters appeared:

  • Chynna Ortaleza as Divine Salcedo
  • JC Tiuseco as Bernard - best friend of Marcel.
  • Bubbles Paraiso as Leslie - Heidi's partner-in-crime and best friend, but later betrayed by Heidi.
  • Robert Seña as Robert Sarmiento
  • Mel Martinez as Pat - The fashion designer friend of Angeline.
  • Patricia Ysmael as Scarlet
  • Sheena Halili as young Yolanda - shown when Yolanda remembers her dark past.
  • Jay Aquitania as young Romeo - shown when Romeo remember his affair with Yolanda.
  • Mel Kimura as Josefina Fernandez


Rafael Rosell portrayed as Marian Rivera's love interest, Nigel Armada.


Temptation of Wife (아내의 유혹) is a 2008 Korean drama series originally broadcast by Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) from November 3, 2008 till May 1, 2009. It was written by Soon-ok Kim and directed by Se-kang Oh. The series starred Seo Hee Jang, Jae Hwang Lee, Woo Min Byun and Seo Hyung Kim as the lead characters.[9]

Despite the controversies regarding the storyline of the drama[10] and the "plagiarism" issues,[11] it still remains to be one of the most popular and highly watched dramas in South Korea. The series also won several awards in 2009 SBS Drama Awards including the Daesang (Grand Prize) award for Seo Hee Jang; Best Actor award for Woo Min Byun; Best Supporting Actor award for Joon Yong Choi; Best Actress award for Suh Hyung Kim; and Best Young Actor award for Yoon Suk Jung.[12][13]

The series also had a huge success in the Philippines during its run.[14] GMA Network aired the series (dubbed in Tagalog) in an early primetime slot from October 4, 2010 and concluded on May 27, 2011.[15] Due to its popularity, the network decided to re-air the series on primetime from June 6, 2011 – August 25, 2011.[16]

Production and development[edit]

Mid-2011, in a press lunch, the then GMA Network's senior vice president for entertainment, Wilma Galvante[17] formally announced that they would be adapting the Korean series, Temptation of Wife to a local version.[18] The network had started its pre-production earlier 2012. The assigned head writer, Dode Cruz stated that he develops "a bit serious, sexier and edgier version" than the original. The producer assigned Dominic Zapata to helm the series.

GMA Network released a sneak preview of the series via an omnibus plug, entitled "Ang Tahanan ng Dramang Inyong Mamahalin" (lit. Home of the Dramas That You Will Love) on October 6, 2012, along with the network's three other primetime offerings intended for the last quarter of the year.[19] Though originally planned for December, 2012 premiere, the show, however, moved to an earlier playdate.[20] following the cancellation[21] of the supposed Dingdong Dantes-Kylie Padilla series, Haram.[22]


Cast and characters were all announced in September 11, 2012 during the series' story conference, with the main cast being, Marian Rivera, Dennis Trillo, Alessandra De Rossi and Rafael Rosell. The network personally chose Rivera and Trillo to reprise the characters of Angeline Santos and Marcel Salcedo, respectively, for the local adaptation of Temptation of Wife. The two first worked together on 2010 Filipino adaptation of another Korean series, Endless Love. As for her preparation, Rivera stated that "Whenever I have a new soap, I make sure to ask some tips about the role. Then I talk to my director how he wants me to approach my role. I'd like to have an idea of the character that I am going to portray and how I would give life to it onscreen," she said. She further stated that she wants every role she does to be different from the previous one in terms of how she going to approach it. "I was challenged to alter the concept of being a "damsel in distress" in my role as Angeline," she added.[23] On the other hand, Trillo described his character as a "not-so-typical-leading-man" role.[24]

Actress Alessandra de Rossi[25] was originally assigned by the network to play Heidi Fernandez.[26] She is known in her villainous roles in the hit series, Legacy. However, the role was eventually given to Glaiza de Castro.

Another series' regular, Rafael Rosell portrayed Nigel Armada.[27] This series served as Rosell's first major project[28] for the network after he inked an exclusive contract on August 13, 2012.[29][30] Series' director Dominic Zapata, made the entire cast watch the original series before shooting began to familiarized their characters.[31]


The series’ plug, teasers and opening title sequence were filmed on September 11, 2012 in a studio at GMA Network Center in Quezon City. The said teaser is actually an omnibus plug for the network's final set of primetime offerings for 2012.[32] Filming for the series began on October 9, 2012. Many of the series’ scenes were shot on location in Quezon City.[33]


Although the show's initial weeks could only muster a top three standing, its fortunes changed when Marian Rivera's character (Angeline Santos) returned with a new, feisty identity (Chantal Gonzales). According to the Comparative Program Ratings and Audience Shares data of Nielsen Philippines from December 1, 2012 to January 4, 2013, the show headed the NUTAM, Urban Luzon, and Mega Manila with household ratings of 19.6%, 21.9%, and 22.9%, respectively. The show also registered high numbers in household shares compared to its counterparts, with 38.3% in NUTAM, 40.9% in Urban Luzon, and 41.3% in Mega Manila (using the assumption of an estimated five viewers per TV household, the show's margins of 1.2 points and 6.5 points translate to more than 500,000 viewers and almost 3 million viewers, correspondingly).[34][35]

The series was also considered as a "critical success" from its first season: Vincent Anthon Garcia of gulfnews.com said that "Marian Rivera has proved why she is truly the Queen of Primetime TV. Her current series, Temptation of Wife, has zoomed to the top of the ratings".[36] Mario Bautista of Journal praised the show's main villain, Glaiza de Castro, said that "One reason why Temptation of Wife clicks with viewers is the fact that de Castro is so effective as the villainous Heidi. We know she didn't want to play kontrabida (villainess) again after she did lead roles in Grazilda and Biritera. But Glaiza made the right decision in accepting the Heidi role as it's really so "mark" and she can show her versatility as an actress who can do both lead and villain roles."[37]


Year Organization Award Category Recipient Result Ref.
2012 ENTERVREXWORLD 4th FMTM Awards 2012 Top 10 Best Philippine TV Series Included [38][39]
Best Actress in a Drama Series Marian Rivera Nominated
2012 Primetime Queen Won
Most Popular TV Series Character as Chantal Nominated
TV Entertainment Artist of the Year Included
Most Popular TV Actress Included
Most Popular TV Series Villain Glaiza de Castro Won
Most Promising New TV Series Love Team with Rafael Rosell Marian Rivera & Rafael Rosell Nominated
2013 Global TV Drama 8th Seoul International Drama Awards Programmer's Choice for Best Drama Series Nominated [40][41]
Philippine Movie and Television Press Club 27th PMPC Star Awards for Television Best Drama Actress Marian Rivera Won [42]
Television Asia Plus 18th Asian Television Awards Best Actress in a Leading Role Nominated [43]
Pinoy Exchange Best of 2013 PExers Choice Awards Pinoy TV Show ng Taon Nominated [44]
2014 Entertainment Press Society 5th ENPRESS Golden Screen Television Awards Outstanding Adapted Drama Program Won [45]
Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Drama Series Marian Rivera Nominated
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series Glaiza de Castro Nominated
Northwest South Samar State University 4th Northwest South Samar State University Students Choice Awards Best Actress in a Primetime Teleserye Marian Rivera Won [46]

International broadcast[edit]

Country Network Title Date
Vietnam TodayTV VTC7 Mặt nạ hoa hồng October 28, 2013



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