Tennōji Zoo

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Tennoji Zoo
Tennoji zoo nzabi.jpg
Savannah Zone
Date opened January 1, 1915
Location Tennoji Park, 1-108, Chausuyama-cho, Tennōji-ku, Osaka, Japan
Coordinates 34°39′09″N 135°30′31″E / 34.652556°N 135.508496°E / 34.652556; 135.508496Coordinates: 34°39′09″N 135°30′31″E / 34.652556°N 135.508496°E / 34.652556; 135.508496
No. of species 230 (as of 2008)
Public transit access Osaka Metro:
1M.png 6K.png at Dōbutsuen-mae
6K.png at Ebisuchō
Website www.jazga.or.jp/tennoji/ (in Japanese)

Tennōji Zoo (天王寺動物園) is located at Tennōji Park in Tennōji-ku, Osaka, Japan, opened on January 1, 1915.

The zoo features adjacent savannah zones for herbivorous and carnivorous animals, which are arranged so that the animals appear to be sharing the same space.[1]



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