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Teplá Abbey (Czech: Klášter Teplá; German: Stift Tepl) is a Premonstratensian abbey in the western part of Bohemia, included in the Archdiocese of Prague, Czech Republic. It was founded in 1193 by the blessed Hroznata, a Bohemian nobleman (d. 1217, feast July 14 on the Premonstratensian calendar[1]). The first monks came from the Abbey of Strahov in Prague.[2]

The Teplá Abbey church
Dean`s authoritative seal of the premostrat Cloister Teplá ~1690

The present monastery building was erected by Abbot Raimund Wilfert II (1688-1724); the library was built by Abbot Gilbert Helmer (since 1900). The Romanesque church, with additions in the style of the transition to the Gothic, is one of the oldest churches of Bohemia.[2] The high altar of the church was sculpted by Josef Lauermann and Ignatius Platzer in 1750. After Hroznata was beatified in 1897, his reliquary casket was moved to the apse of the church for display. The original burial place of Hroznata is marked by on the floor before the main altar, where his original sarcophagus also stands.[3]

Plenteous monastery activity is shown in the literature that is defined by its rich collection of prints of different nature in the monastic library [4]

Some monastery abbots seals from thair historical succession: 31. Fredericus Füssel, 33. Raymundus Willfort I., 34. Fridericus II. Uhl, 35. Gregor Neidhrat, 40. Raymund IV. Hubl, 41. Chrysostom Pfrogner, 42. Carolus Reitenberger, respectively [5]


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