Terje Dragseth

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Terje Dragseth
Terje Dragseth Abartraba Abart.jpg
Terje Dragseth
Credit: Miguel Borzelli Arenas
Born 1955 (age 61–62)
Kristiansand, Norway
Nationality Norwegian
Occupation Poet, author and film director

Terje Dragseth is a Norwegian poet, author and film director, born in Kristiansand in 1955. He made his debut in 1980 with his collection of poems "Offerfesten". Since then, he has published ten poem collections, and also published poems in anthologies and literary journals. In 1996, several of his poems from 1980 to 1995 were published in an anthology, "Du. Dikt i utvalg".[1]

In 1997, a collection of short stories by Dragseth was published: Den amerikanske turisten. Dragseth has also directed several short films since he studied to become a film director in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1983 to 1987, and he translated poetic works Laura Riding Jackson and Leonard Cohen.[1]

According to the Norwegian literary netjournal,[2] he has often been characterized as "an exstatic" in contemporary Norwegian poetry, and he is considered to be one of the most prominent voices of his generation. He has asserted that humanism is central to his work and was awarded The Humanist Award for 1998 by the University of Agder in 1998 and Tridzan Vintorn in 2012.[3]


Original works:[1]

  • 2015 Jeg skriver språket. A poem. 2015.
  • 2014 Solen sukker i min sko. (Short stories).
  • 2012 Bella Blu, Handbook for space, (Poetry).
  • 2009: Weisskjäje Sein Lied - Wittreihs leed, Gutleut Verlag, Frankfurt am main. Translation "Kvitekråkas song" by Tone Avenstroup, Bert Papenfuss.
  • 2008: Ti titler: dikt 1980-1995, (Collected poems).
  • 2006: TDZ: publiserte & upubliserte dikt og tekster 1979-2006, (Poems and other texts)
  • 2005: Metaforenes tyranni? essays in multi-author anthology
  • 2005: Kvitekråkas song, poems & CD[4]
  • 2002: Logg. (Poetry)
  • 2000: Fundament for dannelse av kaos, poems (Poetry)
  • 1997: Den amerikanske turisten. 21 historier. (Short stories)
  • 1994: Den sovende.(Poetry)
  • 1990: Vækst. (Poetry), ill. by Frans Jacobi.
  • 1990: Kjærligheten er som døden, alltid levende. (Poetry)
  • 1989: Nå er alle steder. (Poetry)
  • 1987: Lili & revulusjonen (A play for Vladimir Majakovskij).
  • 1987: Ennå allerede.( Poetry)
  • 1985: Hymner og hypnoser. (Poetry)
  • 1985: Reminiscens. (A play)
  • 1982: Jeg tenker, lik en pike som tar sin kjole av.(Poetry)
  • 1980: Offerfesten. (Poetry and text)


  • 2006: Leonard Cohen: Lengselens bok, multi-author cooperation
  • 2004: Laura Riding Jackson: Tid for helvete


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