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Terminate (terminat.exe) was a shareware modem terminal and host program for MS-DOS and compatible operating systems, developed during the 1990s by Bo Bendtsen from Denmark.

The latest release (5.00) arrived in 1997, and the first release arrived on 2nd April 1992 (according to the WHATSNEW.500 text file included with version 5.00)[citation needed].

Compared to similar programs of its time, Terminate had a large number of built-in features like: a powerful phone book with long distance calling cost calculation, Fido Mailer, QWK offline mail reader, file manager, text editor, keyboard mapping, ISDN support [1], fax and voice-call features, chat, IEMSI, VGA mode detection, audio CD player, and a REXX-like scripting language.

Supported terminal emulation modes included ASCII, Avatar, ANSI, RIP, VT102, and others. A number of file transfer protocols like Zmodem were built into the application, along with support for external protocols like HS/Link and BiModem. The built-in support for advanced file transfer protocols made Terminate very popular at the time.

The installation program could import the phone book and settings from other applications like: Telix, RemoteAccess, FrontDoor, BinkleyTerm, Portal of Power, as well as (indirectly) Minicom and Commo.

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