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Kirsty MacColl Terry.jpg
Single by Kirsty MacColl
A-side Terry
B-side Quietly Alone
Released October 1983
Format 7" and 12" Vinyl
Recorded 1983
Genre Pop
Label Stiff Records
Writer(s) Kirsty MacColl/Gavin Povey
Producer(s) Kirsty MacColl/Gavin Povey
Kirsty MacColl singles chronology
"A New England"

"Terry" is a song by Kirsty MacColl, released as a single in October 1983, and charting at #82 in the UK the following month. It was her first release after returning to Stiff Records, and was the last in a run of poorly selling singles released between "There's a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis" and "A New England". The music video featured an appearance from actor and comedian Ade Edmondson who played MacColl's rejected boyfriend who got her back after fighting off a rival man.

Just over a year later, in January 1985, Tracey Ullman took the song one place higher on the UK charts, peaking at #81. Ullman's version of "Terry" used the identical backing track to the MacColl version, merely erasing MacColl's lead vocal and substituting Ullman's.[1] (MacColl co-produced both versions of "Terry".)

Kirsty MacColl version track listing[edit]

  1. "Terry" (K. MacColl / G. Povey)[2]
  2. "Quietly Alone" (K. MacColl)

On the 12" release, an extended version of "Terry" is used.[3]

Tracey Ullman version track listing[edit]

  1. "Terry" (K. MacColl / G. Povey)
  2. "I Don't Want Our Loving To Die" (Howard / Blaikley)


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