Thalit massacre

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Thalit massacre
Part of Algerian Civil War
LocationThalit, Algeria
Date3–4 April 1997
PerpetratorArmed Islamic Group of Algeria

The Thalit massacre took place in Thalit village (Médéa, near Ksar el Boukhari),[1] some 70 km from Algiers, on April 3–4, 1997 during the Algerian Civil War. Fifty-two out of the 53 inhabitants were killed by having their throats cut during a 12-hour rampage. The homes of the villagers were burned down afterward. The attack was attributed to "Islamist guerrillas",[2] thought to be affiliated with the Armed Islamic Group.[3]

Location of massacres in Algeria 1997-1998 showing Thalit near the centre of the map.

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