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that's Shanghai is a monthly English-language listings and entertainment magazine published in China.

The magazine was cofounded by Mark Kitto and Kathleen Lau.[1] Kitto became sole owner of the magazine in 2001 when Lau sold her share to him.[1] According to Mark Kitto, he operated the magazine from 1999 to 2004 with the unofficial cooperation of a series of state-owned media organizations, who were the only entities with publishing licenses. In 2004, one of those organizations took direct control of the operation and forced Kitto out.[2]

In 2002, it had a staff of 30 and a circulation of 35,000 with 40 percent of its readership being expatriates.[3] By 2010 it had a staff of 45 and a distribution of 60,000.[citation needed] The magazine's current publisher, Urbanatomy Media, also publishes that's Beijing and that's PRD (covering the Pearl River Delta).[3][4]


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