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Directed by Sakthi Paramesh
Produced by Arjun Sarja
Written by Puri Jagannadh
Starring Arun Vijay
Vandana Arpitha
Music by D. Imman
Release date
5 October 2007
Country  India
Language Tamil

Thavam (English: Penance) is a Tamil film released in 2007. It failed to make an impact at the box office. It was a remake of Telugu film Itlu Sravani Subramanyam.


The movie begins with Sumathi (Vandana Gupta) and Subramaniam (Arun Vijay), strangers to one another, meeting at a suicide point in Chennai. They realise that their goal is the same: suicide. Both had choose to end their lives and duly write suicide notes.

Sumathy's reason for taking the extreme step is her nagging relatives, who are also her guardians. They are after her ancestral money.

Subramaniam is cheated by a friend who promises a job for him in Dubai after taking Rs. 5 lakh from him. Both consume sleeping pills in a bid to end their lives in Subramaniam's room. However, they are rescued by the house owner Mani (Janakaraj). Life takes a turn, and Subramaniam lands a good job, while Sumathy's relatives take her home.

Subramaniam's marriage is settled with a girl of his mother's choice, and Sumathy's marriage is fixed with her maternal uncle. Both flee the respective marriage halls independently. How they reunite forms the crux.



Soundtrack was composed by D. Imman.[1][2]

  • Kannadasa — Mahalakshmi Iyer
  • Sandakozhi — Naveen, Jyotsna
  • Makkupaiya — Ananthu
  • Meenukutty — Adarsh, Harini
  • Enga Ooru — Jay, Franco

Critical reception[edit]

Indiaglitz called it "breezy love story for youngsters."[3] Behindwoods wrote "As the sequences right from the start to the finish tread on an expected path, it is difficult to get involved with the film. There is no depth in story, screenplay and narration is weak and pathetic."[4] Rediff wrote "Debutant Sakthi Paramesh directs the proceedings as if he doesn't give a damn. Lesser pleasure the audiences take home, the merrier. Nearly every known film device -- plot, logic and good dialogue -- is thrown to the winds as actors and technicians recklessly go through the mere motions of making a movie."[5]


In early 2015, a quote and shot from the film has been used as a meme template among many Tamil people on Facebook, called Aahaan. This word was spoken by Vadivelu in one comedy scene involving him and Arun Vijay at a bus stop. The exact reason for this sudden phenomenon is unspecified, but it is believed that due to the unspecific tone that he says this line in, and given the fact that he has said this line frequently throughout his career with different tones, it has become a fan-favorite quote.[6]