The Accidental Sorcerer

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The Accidental Sorcerer
K.E. Mills - The Accidental Sorcerer.jpeg
The Accidental Sorcerer first edition cover.
Author K. E. Mills
Country Australia
Language English
Series Rogue Agent
Genre Fantasy novel
Publisher Orbit Books
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 560 pp (first edition)
ISBN 978-0-316-03542-2
Followed by Witches Incorporated

The Accidental Sorcerer is the first book in the Rogue Agent series by Australian writer Karen Miller.


The Accidental Sorcerer follows haphazard wizard Gerald Dunwoody as he begins his employment as Royal Court Wizard to King Lional of New Ottosland, mentored by his friend Monk. Gerald takes the job reluctantly, and soon discovers that the King may not have his best interest in mind.


The Accidental Sorcer was published in September 2008 by Voyager Books, an imprint of Harper Collins.


Publishers Weekly called it "droll" and "whimsical".[1] SF Site praised it for mixing humor with more serious themes[2] but SFF World felt the combination did not work.[3]


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