The Adventures of Johnny Bunko

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The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: the Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need is a book written by Daniel H. Pink, author of Free Agent Nation, A Whole New Mind and Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. This is the first American business book written in a style similar to Japanese comics, also known as manga. Rob Ten Pas illustrated the book.

The book follows the life of Johnny Bunko, a young man who did what he was supposed to do in school and now works for the fictitious Boggs Corporation. Johnny is not only bored but also wonders if he did the right thing. The book is intended to give people tips on picking the right career.

Key concepts[edit]

Johnny's career coach is a Pixie named Diana who gives him 6 pieces of advice through the story of the book.

  1. There is no plan.
  2. Think strengths, not weaknesses.
  3. It's not about you.
  4. Persistence trumps talent.
  5. Make excellent mistakes.
  6. Leave an imprint.


The trailer to the book can be viewed at [1].

Publication Information[edit]

ISBN 978-1-59448-291-5 (Paperback) 2008.

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