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The Anthrax was an all-ages music venue that hosted punk and hardcore shows during the early/mid 1980s. The actual club was located in the basement of a makeshift art gallery on the then dilapidated west side of Stamford, Connecticut. It was founded Brian and Shaun Sheridan. In 1986, The Anthrax closed its doors in Stamford, and within 3 months reopened at a larger location (41°08′10″N 73°25′40″W / 41.1360°N 73.4279°W / 41.1360; -73.4279) in nearby Norwalk, Connecticut, which flourished in a similar manner until November 1990, when a neighboring apartment complex won the decision in a zoning dispute.

To the many national touring acts that played there, The Anthrax was as essential a stop as punk rock landmarks like New York City's CBGB or 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, California. Among the many influential bands that frequented the establishment were Black Flag, 7 Seconds, MDC, Descendents, Government Issue, NOFX, Die Kreuzen and Dag Nasty. The book Everybody's Scene by Chris Daily is about The Anthrax.[1]


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