The Beautiful Mistake

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The Beautiful Mistake
Origin San Diego, California
Genres Indie, post-hardcore, rock
Years active 2000–2006
Labels The Militia Group
Members Josh Hagquist (vocals, guitar)
Past members Shawn Grover, Daniel McElroy, Randy Schulte, Armin Tchami, Josh Quesada, Jon Berndtson, Rusty Fuller, Bobby Lee A. Hansen

The Beautiful Mistake was a rock band from San Diego, California. Formed in 2000, the band released two full-length albums: the 2002 debut album, Light A Match, For I Deserve To Burn, and 2004's This Is Who You Are. They also released two EPs and had various songs featured on different compilation albums.

Formed by Josh Hagquist and Shawn Grover following the breakup of their previous band, Ember, the band went through numerous member changes with Hagquist (vocals–guitar) remaining the constant in each incarnation of the band. The Beautiful Mistake released albums on SideCho Records, The Militia Group and Reignition Records and had songs and videos featured on Victory Records and Hopeless Records. The band also had their two full-length albums re-released in Europe on Sorepoint/Eat Sleep Records and in Asia on Bigmouth Japan. The Beautiful Mistake toured with numerous hardcore, punk and rock bands including Further Seems Forever, Brand New, Hopesfall, Elliott, Funeral For A Friend, As Cities Burn, Fall Out Boy, Senses Fail, Moneen, Every Time I Die, Open Hand, Glasseater, Brandtson, Anberlin, The Myriad, Copeland, and Emery to name a few. They were also able to share the stage with bands like Snapcase, Shelter, Common Rider, Underoath, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, and Boysetsfire during their extensive touring of the U.S. They also made repeated appearances at CMJ fest in New York and SXSW in Austin Texas. They also had songs featured on numerous television shows on Mtv, Vh1 and the WB network. In 2005 The Beautiful Mistake were included in the movie "Bastards of Young" released on Art & Industry Films. The movie showcased the growing post-hardcore DIY music scene and also included interviews and performances from Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, Midtown, Jimmy Eat World, and Armor For Sleep. Interviews were taped at the annual Surf & Skate Festival in New Jersey in 2004. The Beautiful Mistake played its last full-band show at Purple Door fest in Pennsylvania in 2005. Josh, Shawn and Armin Tchami reunited for an acoustic set at Tomfest 2008 and played songs from every release. As of January 2006, The Beautiful Mistake is on a hiatus; however, founder and songwriter Hagquist continues to perform Beautiful Mistake and Ember songs acoustically on a semi-regular basis. Since 2006, Hagquist has played guitar in The Midwinters, from San Diego, and bass guitar in The Lassie Foundation, from Los Angeles. He also was the touring guitarist for Project 86 in 2011. Former TBM guitarist, Shawn Grover, currently plays in a band from Eugene, Oregon called Moher. Josh Quesada plays in a band from Riverside, California called Making Eyes. Jon Berndtson does vocals in two bands from Minneapolis, Minnesota called Get Young and Years Spent.

The album This Is Who You Are peaked at No. 49 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart,[1] and No. 22 on the Billboard Top Independent chart.[2]

Derek Hess created the original piece of artwork for the cover of The Beautiful Mistake / Ettison Clio Split EP on Reignition Records. (Released in 2006)


The original "December EP" was recorded in 2001 at Love Juice Labs in Riverside, Ca. The four tracks were recorded in two days, and the EP was pressed onto CD and sold locally at shows and through independent record stores. This CD, and their live show was what garnered them interest from numerous record labels.

This was supposed to be a re-recorded version of the original "December EP". The recording was done over a period of 5 weeks in Long Beach, California. Despite being initially happy with the pre-mixed versions of the songs, the final mixing was done without input from the band. The quality was sub-par, and many of the tracks that were kept were "scratch tracks". It was released despite strong objections from the members of The Beautiful Mistake.

Recorded in Eudora, Kansas at the Red House Studios in the early part of 2002. Recorded, Produced, and Mixed by Ed Rose. The recording took two weeks, and was mastered by Gavin Lurrsen @ The Mastering Lab.

This re-recorded version (of the original four songs on the "December EP" plus "Disclosure") was recorded @ Jumbosound Studios in El Cajon, California. Produced and mixed by Sean O'Donnell. The songs were re-worked, with new instrumentation and arrangements. It was done in an attempt to "right the wrongs" of what happened with the first recording in 2002. Layout by Brady Clark.

Recorded in December 2003 @ Harddrive Studios in Hollywood, California, and @ Skyline Studios in Berkeley, California. Produced and Mixed by Michael Rosen and Tone. The record was mixed @ J Street Recorders in Sacramento, California. Layout and graphic work by Jason Oda of Starving Eyes.

  • The Beautiful Mistake & Ettison Clio (Split EP) (2006) - Reignition Records

Recorded in the Spring of 2005 @ Jumbosound Studios in San Diego, California. Recorded and Produced by Sean O'Donnell. This was the first recording of new material since they released "This Is Who You Are" in 2004. Original cover art by Derek Hess.


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