The Belle of Avenue A

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The Belle of Avenue A
The Belle of Avenue A.jpg
Studio album by The Fugs
Released 1969
Recorded 1968
Genre Rock, protopunk, psychedelic rock folk rock
Label Reprise
Producer Ed Sanders, Richard Alderson
The Fugs chronology
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The Belle of Avenue A
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The Belle Of Avenue A is a 1969 studio album by The Fugs, a band composed of anti-war poets. It was released in the USA by record company Reprise. As of March 2009, the album is not currently available as a stand-alone CD, but the tracks appear in the 2006 3-CD box set, Electromagnetic Steamboat.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Bum's Song"
  2. "Dust Devil"
  3. "Chicago"
  4. "Four Minutes to Twelve"
  5. "Mr. Mack"
  6. "Belle of Avenue A"
  7. "Queen of the Nile"
  8. "Flower Children"
  9. "Yodeling Yippie"
  10. "Children of the Dream"