Virgin Fugs

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Virgin Fugs
Virgin Fugs.jpeg
Studio album by
GenreRock, protopunk, psychedelic rock
ProducerEd Sanders, Harry Smith
The Fugs chronology
The Fugs
Virgin Fugs
Tenderness Junction

Virgin Fugs is a 1967 album by The Fugs. While it is their third released album, it consists of outtakes from the two 1965 sessions for their first album, The Village Fugs (also released as The Fugs First Album). While that album emphasized the second recording session, this compilation favors the first, making this arguably their chronologically "real first" album. It was released on ESP Disc (ESP 1038), possibly without the foreknowledge or permission of the Fugs. Their site refers to it as a bootleg, though it was distributed through the same channels as their authorized previous ESP album. ESP followed this release with a 1975 compilation including seven more outtakes from these sessions, Fugs 4, Rounders Score.

Original copies of this ESP-Disk LP contained a bumper sticker which read "FUG-CUE"

Four tracks from Virgin Fugs were released as bonus tracks on the CD version of The Fugs First Album.

Track listing[edit]

Side one
  1. "We're the Fugs" (Ed Sanders) – 1:09A ^
  2. "New Amphetamine Shriek" (Peter Stampfel) – 2:18
  3. "Saran Wrap" (Sanders) – 1:12
  4. "The Ten Commandments" (Tuli Kupferberg and GOD) – 2:50 ^
  5. "Hallucination Horrors" (Kupferberg) – 2:03
  6. "I Command the House of the Devil" (Sanders) – 3:22
Side two
  1. "CIA Man" (Kupferberg) – 2:48 ^
  2. "Coca Cola Douche" (Kupferberg) – 1:35
  3. "My Bed Is Getting Crowded" (Kupferberg) – 2:30
  4. "Caca Rocka" (Kupferberg) – 2:30
  5. "I Saw the Best Minds of My Generation Rot" (Allen Ginsberg, Sanders) – 4:43 ^

^ Tracks A1, A4, B1, B5 released as bonus tracks on The Fugs First Album CD.




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