The Berlin Project

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The Berlin Project
Origin Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Genres Alternative metal, punk rock, ska punk
Years active 1995–2005; 2009
Labels Orange Peal
Website The Berlin Project at MySpace

The Berlin Project was an American rock band from just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with influences from the punk, and ska (early years) music scenes that was active from 1995–2005. The band took its name from a computer program.[1]

In those ten years the band managed to tour North America many times over with popular acts like The Matches, Steel Train, Punchline, The Sloppy Meateaters, The Unsung Zeros, The Juliana Theory, Midtown, River City High, Catch 22 and Clearview Kills. The band also was a featured act on numerous of the side stages during the 2002 and 2003 Van's Warped Tour,[2] being featured on the Ernie Ball, Kevin Says, and stages in numerous cities throughout the East Coast and Midwest United States. The Berlin Project was also a part of numerous Radio Festivals and the like such as 2000's X-Fest in Pittsburgh with The Stone Temple Pilots and Everclear, and 2002's Skate and Surf Festival in Asbury Park, New Jersey with The Descendents, Finch and more.

In 2004 The Berlin Project finished a two back to back North American tours as co headliners with Art Punkers, The Matches and then as main support for fellow American Rock act Steel Train in time to return home to Pittsburgh for 2004's X-Fest held at the Post-Gazette Pavilion where they shared the stage with The Offspring, Switchfoot and longtime companions both at home and on tour Punchline.[citation needed] Somewhere in here as well The Berlin Project found time to headline the farewell show to the band's home venue in Pittsburgh, Club Laga. This performance was joined by main support acts River City High and Clearview Kills, complete with ceiling mounted cannons shooting ticker tape over the crowd as the band performed the final song to be played at the venue.[citation needed] This stretch of touring and performances in 2004 would be the band's final major activity.[citation needed]

The Berlin Project released two albums on US indie label Orange Peal records. The band's final full length, The Things We Say was released to some success on Trident Style Recordings in Japan.[3] To date, the band's most notable recording was an independent release. 1997's cover version of Snoop Dogg's Gin and Juice [4][5] went on to find massive success with the original spread of Napster and file sharing.[citation needed]

Members of The Berlin Project went on to play in Punchline (Fueled By Ramen / Modern Short Stories), Craig's Brother (Takeover/Tooth and Nail), and Gene The Werewolf.[citation needed]

In August 2009 [6] the band temporarily reformed with John Garrighan, Chuck Rocha, Paul Menotiades (Punchline, The Composure), Cory Muro (The Composure) to perform four concerts in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Maryland. Some of these shows were headlining dates with support from The Composure and some were in support of also regrouped The Ataris.

There are no plans of the band ever reuniting in its traditional form, as founding member John Garrighan died of a heroin overdose in January 2011.[7]


Studio albums[edit]

  • 1998: Running For the Border
  • 1999: Culture Clash [8]
  • 2004: The Things We Say [9]


  • 2000: The Transition Radio EP [10]


Running For the Border : 1998[edit]

The first official release from The Berlin Project with small circulation on Sour Records. Due to a ska/punk cover of Snoop Dogg's Gin and Juice the album was never picked up by a major label, nor had heavy circulation. Today used copies can found carrying a high price on large used music resellers due to the popularity of the track on napster after its release.

  1. Mayonnaise
  2. Taco Bell World
  3. What Do I Have To Do?
  4. Ken
  5. Rolling Down the Street
  6. Skaggot
  7. E.S.A.D.
  8. Jaochim (Yakeem)
  9. Nothing New
  10. What's Next

Culture Clash : August 10, 1999[edit]


  1. Faded Memories
  2. Carry Me Away
  3. Run Away
  4. Individuality
  5. Driving School Dropout
  6. Those Days
  7. Boil
  8. Vagrant
  9. Woo-Ha!
  10. Rocktown
  11. Taco Bell World
  12. Mall Cop
  13. Thank You
  14. Fight Song

The Transition Radio EP : December 26, 2000[edit]


  1. Crashing Down
  2. Someday Forever
  3. Stay Gold
  4. Look At Me
  5. Runaway
  6. Aberdeen 3:06

The Things We Say : April 20, 2004[edit]


  1. In Your Head
  2. Running in Circles
  3. Walking Papers
  4. The Things We Say
  5. You're Gone
  6. Daydream
  7. Not Another Game
  8. Celebrity
  9. All You Wanted Was a Crowd
  10. Pleasure to Burn
  11. I Won't Wait for You

Band members[edit]

  • John Garrighan (lead vocals, lead guitar): 1995–2005, 2011 †
  • Jon Belan (lead vocals, rhythm guitar): 2002–2005
  • Nick Revak (Drums): 1999–2005
  • Aaron Mediate (Keys, Analog, Saxophone): 1997–2005
  • Tim Schultz (bass, backing vocals): 2003–2005
  • Chuck Rocha (Bass/Vocals) : 2002–2003,2009
  • Brad Evanovich (Bass/Vocals) : 1995–2002
  • Brian Camp (Guitar/Vocals) : 1995–2002
  • Michael "Nacho" Crosby (Alto Sax/Vocals) : 1998–2000
  • Sean McAfee (Analog Keys/Trombone) : 1998–2000
  • Bryan Coles (Trumpet) : 2000
  • Joe Rothwell (Drums) : 1995–1999
  • Eric Porado (Trumpet) : 1997–1999
  • Joe Culig (Trombone) : 1997–1999
  • Paul Menotiades (Guitar/Vocals) : 2009
  • Cory Muro (Drums) : 2009