The Bill (series 19)

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The Bill (series 19)
Series 19 DVD cover
Country of originUnited Kingdom
No. of episodes106
Original networkITV
Original release1 January –

31 December 2003
Series chronology
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Series 18
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Series 19 of British television drama The Bill was broadcast from 1 January until 31 December 2003. The series consisted of 106 episodes, being the longest series broadcast during the show's final decade, and also included the show's first live broadcast, "Fatal Consequences". This series built upon the serialized format previously introduced by new producer Paul Marquess in Series 18, and also saw the introduction of several new members into the cast following the departure of many long-standing cast members in Series 18.

This series saw the show celebrate its 20th Anniversary on air with both a live episode and an episode featuring one of the show's most ambitious stunts to date, where PC Des Taviner is supposedly killed in an explosion in a Gas Tower, after being exposed as the culprit of the Sun Hill fire, which claimed the lives of six officers, back in April 2002. This storyline also saw the return of former detective Sally Johnson (Jaye Griffiths), who ultimately exposes Taviner and also manages to bully DC Danny Glaze into tendering his resignation, in fear of his part in the plot to frame murder suspect Jeff Simpson being revealed. This series also saw the death of long-standing character Sgt. Matthew Boyden, whose death was the subject of the first episode of the series' new spin-off Murder Investigation Team.

For the live broadcast, a storyline was devised whereby DC Juliet Becker (Rae Baker) was held hostage in the back of a police cruiser at knifepoint. Despite only being in the show for five months, the storyline paved the way for Baker's exit. This episode also featured a live stunt in which DC Gary Best's father (Ian Puleston-Davies) is thrown from the roof of the station after getting into a fight with his son. All but three of the current cast members featured in the live broadcast, and thus, due to its success on the night, a second live broadcast was commissioned for 2005, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of ITV1.

On 16 October 2013, the complete series was released on DVD in Australia as a Region 0, playable anywhere in the world. The DVD synopsis uses the original episode numbering system, rather than the Episode names which from 2002-2007 wasn't used

Cast changes[edit]


# Title Episode notes Directed by Written by Original air date Prod #
1"Out of a Clear Blue Sky"
Jemma Walker guest stars.Penelope ShalesMarianne Colbran1 January 2003 (2003-01-01)076
Meadows and Okaro execute raids on known fences in the area, and Hunter finds his head on the chopping block for failing to warn Ron Gregory. One of the raids turns out to be on the pub where Young and Ashton's wedding reception is being held, much to their dismay. A prostitute comes forward and provides an alibi for Simon Kitson, forcing Nixon to investigate other lines of enquiry. Lennox's efforts to coax information from Kitson's sister Pat gets him nowhere, but Nixon's interrogation leads her into an unknown playing field. When she fails to meet Lennox for a drink, Lennox suspects she may be in danger. Gilmore and Ashton drunkenly sleep together. Kerry's wedding plans backfire when the venue falls through for her reception, and as Gold heads to tell Luke, she catches him in bed with Gilmore.
2"A Match Made in Hell"
Final appearance of DC Duncan Lennox, Chloe Howman and Edna Doré guest star.Diana PatrickSteve Hughes2 January 2003 (2003-01-02)077
Lennox attempts to find a missing Nixon, but he and Taviner instead find evidence relating to Rickman's murder, and also discover Nixon's phone dumped nearby. Lennox then executes a search of Pat Kitson's house but finds nothing. Unaware that Nixon and the killer are held up in the house next door, Lennox is desperate to talk to her next door neighbour, and when she does finally arrive home, he hears a noise upstairs. Meanwhile, Gold is still in shock after catching Ashton and Gilmore together, Hunter is forced to pimp his wife as way of getting Ron Gregory off his back, Webb is caught snogging a bridesmaid by Cryer, and Klein is caught snorting cocaine in the station toilets by Carver.
3"Bad Taste"
Sam Aston and Roy Heather guest star.Diana PatrickKathrine Smith8 January 2003 (2003-01-08)078
Glaze investigates a disturbance at a local church, where a convicted paedophile priest, Frank Keegan, has taken refuge from an angry mob. When he encounters an old acquaintance, Sister Sarah Donohue, they strive to keep the priest safe from the mob, but one of his previous victims comes forth with new evidence, and Glaze is forced to arrest him. Best attends another domestic incident at his sister's house, and arrests her boyfriend for car theft, but discovers his sister may be responsible for an attack on his nephew. Gilmore submits his transfer papers to Gold, Carver tries to convince Klein to confront his drug problem, and Hunter is forced to watch on as his wife has sex with Ron Gregory.
4"A Smart Bomb"
Sam Aston guest stars.Fraser MacDonaldGerard McKenna9 January 2003 (2003-01-09)079
Okaro implements a crackdown on burglaries and ATM robberies in the area, and Hunter takes a particular interest when his wife is mugged and assaulted. As he, Webb and McAllister set up a sting operation to catch those involved, Webb is forced to prevent Hunter from attacking one of the suspects with a baseball bat. His day goes from bad to worse when Meadows and Okaro decide to use him as bait to trap Ron Gregory. After Okaro receives information from an old acquaintance, David Ackroyd, about Gregory's plans to flood the streets with heroin, Ackroyd is found dead. Glaze gets intimate with an old friend. Best finds his nephew lying at the bottom of the stairs, but struggles to prove his sister's guilt.
5"Method to the Madness"
Katy Odey guest stars.Fraser MacDonaldHenrietta Hardy15 January 2003 (2003-01-15)080
Hunter is given information about a planned drug deal involving a heavy amount of heroin, but finds himself once again under pressure from Ron Gregory, who asks him to intercept the deal to keep the patch clear for his own dealings. Okaro issues an order that drug users are not to be arrested, but instead the dealers will be targeted. Bradford is furious when the junkie who stabbed her with a hypodermic needle walks free. Buxton and Klein are called to a violent domestic in a smart area of town, and they are quick to arrest the husband for assault. But is it as simple as it at first appears? Glaze jumps to his friend's defence when she is arrested after her community centre is attacked by Ron Gregory.
6"Controversial Approach"
Stephan Grothgar guest stars.Dominic LeesSteve Handley16 January 2003 (2003-01-16)081
A small boy dies in a drive-by shooting in his neighbourhood, and Okaro decides to walk to the press conference to give himself time to think. Will the press, the police and the community be ready for what he has to say? As the media interest in his drugs policy continues to attract unwanted attention, Fitzwilliam pressures Okaro to toe the line. Bradford's HIV status is revealed, and in a desperate attempt to lure Kane into bed, she ponders whether or not to tell the truth. Meadow's wife arrives at the station to give him his marching orders, after she suspects him of having an affair with McAllister, but after being calmed, Meadows decides he's had enough of his wife and leaves home anyway.
7"Hard Liquor"
Bill Ward and Michael Pennington guest star.Dominic LeesCarol Williams22 January 2003 (2003-01-22)082
Taviner is suspicious when the absence of a key witness in a court case sees the entire case collapse, and Taviner suspects that the judge, Howard Sinclair, may have engineered the result. Okaro makes a shock decision to resign after he takes an instant dislike to Fitzwilliam's tactics over his drugs policy. However, much to his dismay, she refuses to accept his resignation and instead orders him to a take a drugs prevention course. Bradford is delighted after sleeping with Kane, but Kane is regretful. One of Buxton's old friends disappears after being robbed, and Drummond is forced to make a difficult decision when a large amount of money is mistakenly credited in his account.
8"Cross Transfer"
PC Des Taviner transfers to CSU, Angela Pleasence, Bill Ward and Michael Pennington guest star.Baz TaylorGerard McKenna23 January 2003 (2003-01-23)083
Taviner's investigation into Judge Howard Sinclair reaches an abrupt halt when Meadows insists that he drops the case, as Sinclair is one of his personal friends. However, after Taviner refuses to play ball, and Gold actively encourages Taviner to investigate the case, Meadows asks Webb to keep a close eye on Taviner. When Sinclair makes a complaint against Taviner's methods of policing, an angry Meadows engineers a transfer for Taviner to the CSU. Kane urges a reluctant Bradford to reveal her secret to her colleagues, but she is reluctant as she thinks it could ruin her chances of joining CID. Ackland reconsiders her relationship with Carver after meeting a clairvoyant.
Michael Pennington guest stars.Baz TaylorMaxwell Young29 January 2003 (2003-01-29)084
Meadows realises that there could actually be some depth to the allegations made against Howard Sinclair, and asks Webb to continue with the investigation. However, his leads soon make Hunter uneasy when he realises that any digging could land him in hot water. Taviner's first day in the CSU settles the team, as he continues with his good methods, but sarcastic attitudes towards suspects. Attending a domestic, Ashton discovers that a love triangle that is not all it appears to be. Cryer questions an evasive Bradford about her medication - a question Bradford is ill-prepared to answer. Ackland ponders over her proposal to Carver, while Meadows makes his feeling for McAllister clear.
10"Thinking Out Loud"
First appearance of PC Cameron TaitChristopher KingPhilip Gladwin30 January 2003 (2003-01-30)085
The broad daylight drive-by shooting of a young girl at a local bank seems more deliberate than accident when her father is discovered to be an accountant for some local thugs. Klein attends Simon Kitson's memorial service, but lets his emotions get the better of him when he encounters none other than Pat Kitson. Cryer is suspicious of Bradford and suspects that she may be lying about the results of her HIV test, and an angry Hunter berates Bradford for putting others at risk. Young gets an unsuspecting view from her bedroom window and reports an incident involving a flasher, but his identity is soon revealed when he turns out to be none other than charming new Aussie constable, Cameron Tait.
11"Dropout Factory"
Desmond McNamara guest stars.Christopher KingJulie White4 February 2003 (2003-02-04)086
The station holds an open day for the public to find out exactly how the Met operates, and all goes according to plan, until Sharpe invites her family along, has a blazing row with her better half, and her daughter Joanna goes missing. When a young man is viciously attacked by a pair of thugs, Glaze finds a way to gather enough evidence to arrest a teenage burglar on suspicion, but realises that he may be putting his informant at risk by doing so. Meadows' hopes and dreams are dashed when McAllister arrives at work on the arm of a handsome young man, and immediately questions her over her intentions. An unsuspecting Ashton is shocked to discover that Young is pregnant with their baby.
12"Without a Trace"
Renu Setna and Anna Wing guest star.Ged MaguirePatrick Melanaphy5 February 2003 (2003-02-05)087
Twenty-four hours have passed since the disappearance of Sharpe's eight-year-old daughter Joanna, and a massive search is underway in the borough. Sharpe realises that the first twenty-four hours are crucial, and is aware of how serious the situation may become. Her nerves and emotions get the better of her when she is forced to front a press conference appealing for information. Hollis is suspicious of a couple that he questions during door-to-door enquiries on the case. Profiler Joe Kincaid joins the search, but Gilmore is jealous of the attraction between Kincaid and Ashton. Buxton discovers a vital clue to Joanna's disappearance when she questions the staff of a local corner shop.
13"The Cat With Nine Lives"
Final appearance of Sgt. Craig GilmoreGed MaguireGerrard McKenna6 February 2003 (2003-02-06)088
Carver is assigned to the Sharpe family as their family liaison officer, hoping to gather some vital information on Joanna's disappearance. However, Sharpe is uneasy and Carver finds that she is too emotionally distraught to give information. Taviner ignores what could be a vital clue to Joanna's disappearance when he receives information from an unreliable snout. CID hear word that a paedophile ring may be operating in Sun Hill, and they are determined to keep the news from Joanna's distraught parents. Uniform suspect that an assault on a prison officer may not be the straightforward mugging it appears to be. Young suspects that Ashton is having an affair when he visits Gilmore in hospital.
14"False Pride"
First appearance of Sgt. Sheelagh Murphy, Michael Pennington and Kaye Wragg guest starBrett FallisEmma Goodwin12 February 2003 (2003-02-12)089
Carver finds the pressure of being the Sharpe's family liaison officer becoming too much to handle, and finds himself tempted to return to drink, however, after comforting by Ackland, she shows him just how much she cares about him and he decides to carry on. Sharpe returns to work, despite the heavy misgivings of her colleagues. CID and a special unit from Scotland Yard try their best to investigate a possible paedophile ring without alarming Sharpe and her family. Sheelagh Murphy arrives for her first day as sergeant at Sun Hill. Meadows is convinced that Howard Sinclair is a paedophile, and despite Webb's objections to keep the investigation official, Meadows confronts Sinclair on his own terms.
15"Under Pressure"
PC Des Taviner returns to uniform, Michael Pennington guest starsBrett FallisMatthew Leys13 February 2003 (2003-02-13)090
Sharpe's digging into her daughter's disappearance leads her to discover that CID have been investigating a possible paedophile ring, and when she furiously confronts Nixon, Nixon coherently denies that the two investigations are linked in any way. When the body of a young child is found by a member of the public, Sharpe is anxious that is may well be her missing daughter. Meanwhile, as Howard Sinclair makes a further complaint, Okaro is under serious pressure from Fitzwilliam to get rid of Meadows. Ackland convinces a witness to provide evidence against Sinclair. Murphy investigates when a pizza deliveryman's moped is stolen, and discovers that his boss is running a sideline in drugs.
16"The Darkest Hour"
New title sequence and theme introduced, Michael PenningtonSylvie BodenJohn Milne26 February 2003 (2003-02-26)091
CID's investigation into the paedophile ring continues to throw up unanswered questions. Meadows realises that he is sailing very close to the wind whilst trying to link Howard Sinclair over his involvement with the ring. Fitzwilliam begins to get very iffy about Meadows' actions and warns Okaro he could face disciplinary action if he fails to deal with him. Sharpe is relieved when the young child's body is revealed not to be Joanna, but is frightened that she may have come to harm. Hunter is disturbed to find his criminal contacts are being linked with the abduction inquiry, while Stamp and Best are called out to a burglary at a luxury flat and discover a little more than they initially bargained for.
17"Fraught with Danger"
Mark Fletcher guest starsSylvie BodenNick Saltrese27 February 2003 (2003-02-27)092
It's the day of reckoning for CID when they finally get suspected paedophile Clive Inverdale into court, but the situation goes from bad to worse when the court is stormed by a masked man with a gun, and Inverdale is shot dead. To make matters worse, Meadows' prime suspect, Ron Gregory, has an alibi in the form of none other than Hunter. With Sinclair also out of the picture, the investigation looks to be heading nowhere. Meanwhile, Osbourne and Hollis investigate several cases of stolen masonry, including one where the owner was brutally attacked during the robbery. A search of a derelict building for the stolen goods yields much more than expected when Joanna Sharpe is found alive.
DC Eva Sharpe takes leaveChris LovettSally Garland5 March 2003 (2003-03-05)093
Sharpe is relieved that Joanna has been found alive and well, and upon further examination, evidence discovers that she was not harmed in any way, and when Joanna finally speaks out, she reveals that she wandered off of her own accord and became trapped in the derelict building. The identity of the dead child is finally discovered, and Kane and Nixon put out an all ports warning for the child's adoptive parents, in the hope that they will give up Ron Gregory. Meanwhile, Bradford is jealous when Kane starts dating a doctor, and decides to pull some very sneaky moves in an attempt to prize the pair apart. Meanwhile, Meadows gives Hunter an ultimatum - prove Ron Gregory's guilt or he will report him to the DPS.
19"The Nouveau Riche"
DC Ken Drummond takes leave, Janine Wood guest stars.Chris LovettJulian Perkins6 March 2003 (2003-03-06)094
Meadows has an attack of conscience over whether or not to report Hunter to CIB - so in a latch ditch attempt to save face, Hunter promises he will have Gregory sitting in the cells within 24 hours. With Gregory having already admitted he has taken part in paedophilic activities, Hunter tries to gather proof by ordering a burglary on Gregory's flat, executed by none other than Drummond, who he has over a barrel over the money deposited into his account. Drummond burgles the wrong flat and a smirking Gregory once again walks away unscathed. Hunter then thinks all of his Christmases have come at once when Gregory invites him round and locks him in the bedroom with a young girl - but is it a trap?
20"Classroom Politics"
DS Phil Hunter takes leaveMichael OfferPatricia Smallacombe12 March 2003 (2003-03-12)095
Boyden and Tait attend a fight at Harvey Wallace comprehensive and discover that one or two of the pupils are acting strangely around their teacher, Sonia Graham. While Tait is smitten, Boyden discovers that rumours are escalating that Sonia is having extra-marital relations with some of her students. Meanwhile, Ashton and Buxton attend a fire at a public convenience, and find two young girls trapped in the toilet cubicle. When Ashton manages to free them from danger, they both make good their escape and Ashton suspects that something is wrong. Glaze and Webb attend a shooting at a local gymnasium, where they find that none of the witnesses are willing to offer any information.
21"Sleeping Dogs Lie"
TBAMichael OfferJason Sutton13 March 2003 (2003-03-13)096
Abi Nixon arrives at the station on a work experience placement, and is sent out on patrol with Boyden, much to her delight. When Boyden is accused of having a sexual encounter with one of Abi's friends, Abi steps in to defend him. Young suspects that rape victim Louanna isn't telling the whole truth when she accuses one of her schoolmates of rape, despite the fact that her injuries suggest that she was attacked by more than one person. Schoolteacher Sonia Graham finds herself on the end of a sustained barrage of abuse, including offensive graffiti being sprayed on her house and pornographic material being posted through her letterbox. Ashton races to stop Young from having an abortion.
22"The Philadelphia Lawyer"
TBAPeter ButlerKathrine Smith19 March 2003 (2003-03-19)097
The sustained abuse towards schoolteacher Sonia Graham runs into overdrive when she is found in her flat, having been shot through the chest, and the list of suspects soon begins to mount. Glaze struggles to get Prince's brother Nathan back on side after harsh mishandlings by Webb, so Webb decides to trail him to see if he leads him to the top prize - and soon enough, his suspicions are proved to be correct. Young finally manages to get young rape victim Louanna to open up about her ordeal, and subsequently, members of the Bevan Park crew are arrested on suspicion. On the way to respond to an urgent call for assistance, Hollis notices Boyden pulled over at the roadside in a clinch with Abi Nixon.
23"Throw for a Loss"
First appearance of PC Honey HarmanPeter ButlerSteve Hughes20 March 2003 (2003-03-20)098
When schoolteacher Sonia Graham dies of her injuries, Nathan Morley becomes the prime suspect when it is discovered that the gun used in the attack was the same gun used by his brother, Prince, to shoot the gymnasium victim. Honey Harman begins her first shift at Sun Hill and Best finds that he is smitten with her. When they chase a group of robbery suspects, they end up at the address of Liam Burrows, but when Best innocently tries to answer a call of nature, he finds himself being held hostage at gunpoint. During a search of the Harvey Wallace grounds, Hollis finds more than he bargained for when he finds an unsuspecting Boyden in a clinch with Abi Nixon in the school's boiler room.
24"The Square Apple"
Return of PC Polly PageClaire WinyardKathrine Smith26 March 2003 (2003-03-26)099
Best is forced to go undercover at Canley Comprehensive to investigate a group of drug dealers who are targeting the school. He manages to get himself close to some of the main players and provides information, which leads to a raid. However, just as the deal is about to take place, Abi Nixon turns up and blows Best's cover. Page returns to duty at Sun Hill following a year's personal leave, and is quickly assigned to the CSU, where she and Bradford investigate a mysterious case involving a husband and wife, which becomes far less straightforward when both parties accuse the other of harassment. Carver finds himself in a comprising position when he ends up in bed with Sonia Graham's mother.
25"Under the Thumb"
Return of DC Ken Drummond, Liz May Brice, David Yip and Paul Courtenay Hyu guest starClaire WinyardClive Dawson27 March 2003 (2003-03-27)100
Boyden investigates when an abandoned lorry leads to the discovery of a Chinese "snakehead" gang smuggling illegal immigrants into the country. When one of the owners of the lorry company is found shot and disfigured, Boyden is forced to confront an angry gunman, who manages to escape his clutches. Nixon reluctantly agrees to help him with the investigation. Taviner is given a new role as ward officer of the Cole Lane Estate, but Murphy doubts his motives when he eagerly assists an attractive resident. McAllister is forced to hold her tongue when her main witness in the rape case starts to demand perks for her testimony. Glaze unhappily finds himself on the end of a transfer into CSU.
26"Out of Your Depth"
Burt Kwouk, Wendy Kweh and Clare Clifford guest star.Baz TaylorNicholas McInerny2 April 2003 (2003-04-02)101
Suspicion as to how the illegals are gaining legal identity documents trails a lead to an interpreter who has been working alongside the "snakehead" gang. Meanwhile, Taviner's second day as ward officer proves an eventful one when he finds a shoeless man running for his life, and McAllister suspects that he may well be a witness to a serious crime. Young's hard work on the rape case threatens to blow itself out of the water after a key witness is deemed incredible. As the investigation into the paedophile ring is reopened, Webb can't believe his luck when Ron Gregory lands back in his lap. However, he is surprised when his investigation leads him to find a link between Gregory and Okaro.
Burt Kwouk and Wendy Kweh guest star.Baz TaylorPatrea Smallacombe3 April 2003 (2003-04-03)102
The relief swoop into London's Chinatown in an attempt to locate and arrest corrupt interpreter Mai Ann Wey. Desperate to make amends to Murphy, Taviner manages to catch Mai Ann when she eludes the rest of the team. Webb is in turmoil after witnessing Okaro having a friendly meeting with a suspected paedophile. Gold begins to have her own suspicions about Okaro when Webb sees him taking his own daughter to visit Gregory. Okaro is furious when Webb charges into a delicate covert operation to ensnare Gregory. Gregory is arrested, and the "child" in his boot is revealed to be Cryer. Cryer and Webb break into the house of Gregory's solicitor and find a frightened little African girl in an attic.
28"Week by Week"
John Gillett guest starsBaz TaylorTom Needham9 April 2003 (2003-04-09)103
McAllister and Drummond attend the scene of a horrific road accident, where a man impaled by a pole, believing himself to be dying, confesses to killing his wife and hiding her body. When they find his wife alive and well, they suspect that the shock of the crash may be affecting the man's memory. But when they discover he had been married before, and his ex-wife mysteriously disappeared, they realise his confession may be true after all. Webb and Cryer attempt to escape from Warren Napier's house with Abeo, but are captured by Ron Gregory and his thugs. A weary Meadows receives Webb's phone message, and he and Okaro leap into action to find Webb and Cryer before Gregory murders them.
Eric Sykes guest stars.Dominic ClemenceMatthew Leys10 April 2003 (2003-04-10)104
Buxton and Klein find an elderly woman wandering alone across the Cole Lane estate, who appears to be in some distress. Meanwhile, Taviner and Murphy discover an elderly man who is also in distress after having his flat broken into. Suspicious of why both elderly residents are so frightened of the police, Klein and Murphy attempt to find out the reasons behind their fear. Klein is close to being caught with cocaine by Carver. Murphy notices the animosity between the pair and Carver soon spills the beans over Klein's drug habit. Kane's ex-wife arrives at the station to report the hate mail she has been receiving. When she mentions a possible reconciliation to Bradford, Bradford lashes out.
Geraldine Alexander guest stars.Dominic ClemenceSteve Hughes16 April 2003 (2003-04-16)105
Bradford attempts to cover her tracks after attacking Kane's ex-wife, but Tait's suspicions are aroused when he discovers the car park complex's CCTV tapes have been stolen. McAllister suspects Kane is responsible, and her abrupt line of questioning puts both Kane and Drummond offside. As Kane waits at St Hugh's for news of Tanya's condition, Bradford turns up to work, full of sympathy for Kane and his ex-wife. Only Cryer has suspicions, as Cathy adds lie upon lie, even volunteering to help with the case so she can cover up evidence of her involvement. As Bradford comforts Kane at the hospital, she is horrified to hear that his ex-wife's condition is improving and she may recover.
Jan Anderson guest stars.Ged MaguireSteve Hughes17 April 2003 (2003-04-17)106
The investigation into the attack on Kane's ex-wife continues, and MIT are called in to investigate. McAllister teams up with DI Will Elvins, but the pair soon come to the same conclusion that Kane attacked his ex-wife. Bradford prepares to flee the country, but she receives a phone call from Page, who informs her that MIT are questioning Kane and that he is their prime suspect. As suspicion begins to fall on her, Bradford changes her mind and arrives back at the station, and taking a leaf out of McAllister's book, tells MIT that Kane couldn't have attacked his ex-wife, as at the time, he was regularly beating her up after he discovered that she was pregnant with his baby. Can Kane prove his innocence?
32"Rose-Coloured Glasses"
TBAGed MaguireEmma Goodwin23 April 2003 (2003-04-23)107
Osbourne arrests a TV weathergirl for shoplifting, but after overhearing remarks towards Gemma's sexuality, she fabricates a sexual assault claim in an attempt to get off the charges. Tait and Best find themselves in competition in an attempt to woo a glamorous robbery victim. Tait conspires against Best by having him recalled to the station, but after being paired with Taviner, once again finds himself in competition. Best is caught with his pants down by the victim's husband, who is under surveillance by CID for a brutal attack. Meanwhile, the girlfriend of Klein's dealer turns out to be Boyden's daughter, and Osbourne is attacked and left badly beaten by a mystery female attacker.
33"Come Home to Roost"
Guest appearance from Bob Cryer, Zig Byfield guest starsRobert Del MaestroEmma Goodwin24 April 2003 (2003-04-24)108
The disappearance of a young girl prompts the relief to swallow their pride and call in retired sergeant Bob Cryer, who knows the family better than anyone — but his services are soon dispensed with when it becomes clear that his old-school methods aren't suited to Sun Hill's modern style of policing. Undeterred, the veteran plod teams up with his niece to finish the job, but it appears the suspect may be someone believed to be dead. Meanwhile, Osbourne ponders her future at the station following her brutal attack, and drug-addled Klein looks set to be found out when his colleagues raid the house where he is taking his first dose of crack, with the help of Boyden's daughter Amy.
34"Surprise Surprise"
Stuart Organ guest stars.Robert Del MaestroMaxwell Young29 April 2003 (2003-04-29)109
The relief investigate when an unidentified five-year-old girl turns up in St. Hugh's hospital having accidentally ingested crack cocaine. With very little to go on, the search becomes underway to find her mother, but it's not long before Boyden realises the girl's mother is none other than his own tearaway daughter, Amy. The case takes on a different dimension for Best when he interviews a witness and discovers that Klein was also in the taxi that dropped the little girl off at the hospital. Back at the station, a thief is at large, and Tait is in the frame when Glaze's phone is found in his locker, while Nixon faces facts when her trouble-making teenage daughter Abi is brought in for being drunk and disorderly.
35"Played Like a Fiddle"
Temporary departure of PC Nick KleinDermot BoydTom Needham30 April 2003 (2003-04-30)110
When a young adoptee is suspected to have attacked his foster father, Nixon and Klein find that the boy is torn between his two families. The boy later disappears, and is found atop a high-rise building, but despite Boyden's efforts to coach him down, he jumps to his death, leaving his very angry brother to rage war on Boyden. Meanwhile, Okaro and Gold set up a surveillance camera in an attempt to catch the thief, and discover Carver breaking into Klein's locker. Carver reveals that Klein has been taking drugs and an obbo is staged to catch Klein in the act. Carver and Best catch Klein stealing from Carver's girlfriend's house, but Okaro chooses to send him into rehab rather than sack him.
36"Moving Target (Part 1)"
Final appearance of Sgt. Matthew Boyden, Colin Spaull and Stuart Organ guest starDermot BoydTom Needham1 May 2003 (2003-05-01)111
Boyden gets a blast from the past when his own estranged, crack-addicted daughter Amy is found and brought in for questioning on suspicion of dealing class A drugs on the local estates. Amy reaches out to her father for help, but realising his position, informs her that he is unable to pull any strings. Meanwhile, Boyden discovers the identity of Abi's father, and confronts Nixon, threatening to tell the tearaway teen everything he knows. With an anxious Nixon on his back, and Amy continuing to cause trouble, it soon becomes clear that none of his loose ends will be tied up when he answers a seemingly routine callout to a suspect package - only to fall victim to a seemingly random drive-by shooting.
36B"Moving Target (Part 2)"
Murder Investigation Team episode.Michael OfferJake Riddell3 May 2003 (2003-05-03)111A
Following Boyden's death, MIT arrive to comb the crime scene, and find a second victim. However, weak leads in the case leave the team with no idea which man was the intended target. As Boyden's colleagues look on, his own drug addicted daughter, Amy, hears the news from a custody cell back at Sun Hill. Still in shock, evidence collected from Amy leads MIT to discover Boyden wasn't always on the right side of the law. The investigation takes a surprising turn when Nixon is brought in for questioning, as they uncover that Abi has been involved with Boyden. Sam is now a major suspect, but until the second victim can be identified, DI Vivien Friend knows she is only working with half an investigation.
37"Laid to Rest"
Guest appearance from Bob CryerChristopher KingJohn Milne7 May 2003 (2003-05-07)112
Best and Harman bring in an Australian girl believed to be part of a shoplifting gang, but after passing the case over to CID, Webb decides to use Tait as an undercover operative to infiltrate the gang, run by the Fagan-like Gene Bishop. However, Tait's cover is nearly blown when Cryer and her uncle, former sergeant Bob, witness Tait shoplifting in a department store. Glaze finds one of Bishop's operatives, Nathan Morley, bound to a wall with spear, and Webb and Kane have a brush with death when an armed gang manage to spring Nathan's brother Prince from prison transport. Bob Cryer rallies the troops when Boyden's unpopularity casts a cloud over his funeral. Stamp meets Rickman's mother.
38"Turning Back the Clock"
Return of DS Phil HunterChristopher KingMatthew Leys15 May 2003 (2003-05-15)113
Glaze finds himself in a dangerous situation when he goes looking for the gang that have abducted Nathan Morley. Taviner takes a witness statement from a cabbie, and tries to dissuade him when the cabbie insists on seeing Murphy after the interview. Taviner, however, is unaware that the cabbie is Murphy's husband Patrick. Meanwhile, Carver finds himself in a difficult situation having just turned down a marriage proposal from his girlfriend, Marie Graham. Ackland is about to return from leave, and Harman advises Carver that her astrology book suggests that he steer clear of his colleague and return to Marie. However, when Ackland arrives back at Sun Hill, Carver finds he can't keep himself away.
39"Charlie Foxtrot (Part 1)"
Return of DC Eva SharpeDiana PatrickKatherine Smith20 May 2003 (2003-05-20)114
Osbourne finds herself troubled after dealing with an asylum seeker, and finds it difficult to keep her professional and personal objectives separate. Torn between a war-torn Iran and a troublesome Sun Hill estate, Osbourne can't work out what sounds better for the woman and her young daughter. Osbourne is later reprimanded by Gold and warned to stay well away from the situation. Meanwhile, Sharpe and Hunter investigate an alleged assault on a lawyer by a female colleague, but Hunter suspects that ulterior motives are at work. Meanwhile, Ackland's hopes of engagement to Jim are boosted when she finds a ring in his desk, only to be told by Jim that he's engaged to Marie Graham.
40"Charlie Foxtrot (Part 2)"
Final appearance of PC Gemma OsbourneDiana PatrickKatherine Smith21 May 2003 (2003-05-21)115
Osbourne is determined to help Ziba and her daughter Niki, and can't even entertain the possible idea of them returning to Iran. Despite having already been warned off by Gold, her conscience gets the better of her, and she helps the woman escape. A screaming match ensues and Osbourne is given her marching orders. Hunter and Sharpe are puzzled when solicitor Robert Fenn withdraws his assault complaint against colleague Kim Bradbury, but then they discover Kim has resigned. Sharpe confesses she visited the seedy bar where Robert and his friends hang out, and she convinces Hunter that they're dealing drugs. Tait goes undercover to check out the action, while Hunter organises a raid on the bar.
41"Boomerang (Part 1)"
John Cater guest stars.Jim O'HanlonJohn Milne22 May 2003 (2003-05-22)116
The relief investigate a series of assaults on homeless people in the area, but when the motive begins to change, and social worker Clare Johnson is brutally attacked, evidence suggest that the prime suspect is Murphy's cabbie husband, Patrick. Despite warnings to tread softly from Meadows, McAllister is sure Patrick is her man, with little regard for her colleague's sensibilities. Her suspicions are heightened when Taviner informs her of their encounter a couple of weeks back. Meanwhile, Taviner and Ashton have their hands full dealing with two elderly men who are fighting over some misplaced books. Stamp tries to avoid Ackland after their drunken kiss the previous night at Carver's party.
42"Boomerang (Part 2)"
Return of Sgt. Dale SmithJim O'HanlonJohn Milne29 May 2003 (2003-05-29)117
Things aren't looking good for Patrick Murphy after the Garda in Dublin supply McAllister details of his form for assault, but he is soon bailed due to lack of evidence. When one of Taviner's young snouts finds Patrick's wallet and cab in a warehouse, Taviner and Murphy investigate, but Taviner can only watch in horror as Murphy is abducted. Ashton is first on the scene of a horrific car crash, but is shocked to hear a familiar voice when his backup arrives - Sun Hill's new sergeant, Dale Smith. Smith takes a huge risk when he and Ashton rescue a boy trapped in the car, a fact which does not escape the notice of Gold, who is already well aware of Smithy's reputation from his last posting to Sun Hill.
43"A Growing Concern"
TBAJim ShieldsPatrick Melanaphy4 June 2003 (2003-06-04)118
Murphy regains consciousness in the back of the stolen cab and texts Taviner regarding her whereabouts. She escapes, only to be recaptured, but Taviner arrives in time to disarm her attacker. Relieved that they have actually caught their man, Murphy tells Taviner how grateful she is he helped clear her husband's name. Smithy and Tait stake out a local club where they suspect manager David Wemmick is running rent boys. Tait poses as a client, and rent boy Justin gives him an address where he finds enough evidence for a raid. While waiting for Tait, Smithy sees Ashton enter the gay club with a male companion. Meanwhile, Page drags Carver off on his wedding day to investigate a young boy living alone.
First appearance of DC Juliet Becker, first uncredited appearance of PC Gabriel KentJim ShieldsSteve Hughes5 June 2003 (2003-06-05)119
Carver, Ackland, Stamp and Page find themselves trapped in a cellar, and with Carver's wedding to Marie only hours away, tempers start to fray amongst the group as old tensions boil to the surface. A leather-clad biker who turns up at the station turns out to be the new detective constable, Juliet Becker, who is paired with Webb when Best realises that half the relief have disappeared. It's a race against time, as a gas leak threatens the trapped officers, but Webb and Becker manage to rescue them in the nick of time. Ashton is terrified that Smithy will "out" him to the rest of the relief. Smithy is non-committal, but it's Ashton's estranged wife Young who reveals his secret at Carver's wedding reception.
45"Security Risk"
Trevor Martin guest stars.Fraser McDonaldChris Fewtrell11 June 2003 (2003-06-11)120
Drummond's moonlighting as a security guard begins to catch up with him when an angry Meadows finds him asleep at his desk. However, Hunter soon realises that he be able to use Drummond's position to his advantage when his boss, Alan Trent, moves into the ward office previously occupied by Taviner, and Meadows and Okaro suspect that he is causing many of the crimes he claims to prevent. When she discovers evidence of corrupt activities on Trent's manor, Bradford decides to turn a blind eye. McAllister and Becker are paired when a young mother and her son are run off the road. When the woman's father is found badly beaten, Becker suspects there's more to the case than first appears.
46"Underground Railroad"
TBAFraser McDonaldSteve Hughes12 June 2003 (2003-06-12)121
Meadows and Okaro secretly plan to use Drummond to gather the evidence they need on Alan Trent, so posing as a corrupt police officer, Drummond manages to convince Trent to rehire him. Trent charms McAllister into a dinner date, which he uses to question her about her supposedly corrupt colleague. Concerned with Trent moving in on the estate, Okaro and Meadows organise a residents' meeting on the Jasmine Allen, which is rudely interrupted by three armed men in masks. Forensics of the shots fired indicates a flood of converted replica firearms on the estate. Ashton is convinced he is being handed all of the easy cases after being outed to the relief by Young.
47"Written in the Stars"
Final appearance of PC Luke AshtonSylvie BodenEmma Goodwin18 June 2003 (2003-06-18)122
Sun Hill comes under fire from a gun epidemic due to the illegal firearms flooding the area, and Webb is convinced that Trent is the cause. As he and Drummond investigate Trent's activities, Drummond comes across an arms cache. McAllister finds solace in her boyfriend Michael, surprised at how much interest he is showing in her. However, Webb's investigation throws up some interesting facts and McAllister puts her life at risk after making the alarming discovery about who her boyfriend really is. It's the end of the road for Ashton when he comes face to face with an armed teenager in a local mini mart. Page finds herself falling in love again after getting emotionally involved with Dr. Owen Preston.
48"High Speed Chaos"
Doreen Mantle guest stars.Sylvie BodenHenrietta Hardy19 June 2003 (2003-06-19)123
Hollis reprimands three youths who are seen harassing a bus driver, but the situation takes a dangerous turn when one of the youths pulls out a gun, and they hijack the bus with Hollis, the driver and a busload of terrified passengers. When Hollis realises that the gun is one of the replicas from the Coal Lane estate, it backfires, hitting the driver. Best and Harman spot the runaway bus and end up in pursuit, but their moment of glory is lost when Taviner and Murphy take over the pursuit in the area car. Meanwhile, Harman and Tait investigate a green-thumbed resident at a retirement home, whose plants are not exactly of the legal variety, and Page's friend Dr. Owen Preston comes under suspicion.
49"Count Me Out"
First appearance of DC Ramani DeCostaBrett FallisNicholas McInerny25 June 2003 (2003-06-25)124
CSU gains a new officer in the form of sexual offences expert sergeant Ramani De Costa, who hasn't even reached the station when she is assigned to investigate the alleged rape of a university student, who was drugged and attacked before being raped. De Costa finds she has very little to go on, but keeps a firm head and attempts to build her own leads. Meanwhile, a distraught Page tries to cover up her involvement in the death of Dr. Owen Preston, but as she types up her statement, she receives a letter naming her as the beneficiary of Owen's will. Nixon investigates an armed robbery, but is distracted after a reporter gathers information on the identity of Abi's father and threatens to reveal all.
50"Out in the Open"
Shane Zaza and Stephanie Leonidas guest star.Brett FallisPatrick Melanaphy26 June 2003 (2003-06-26)125
De Costa's investigation is aided by the return of Glaze, who identifies union bar manager Kieran Thompson as the prime suspect. But with no firm evidence or testimony to go on, victim Izzy Scott is left terrified. When Thompson is assaulted, De Costa realises this might not be the rapist's first offence, and the discovery of a previous victim reveals videotapes of the rapes - filmed by Izzy's so-called best friend, Emma. Meanwhile, Hunter puts forward his theory that the armed robbery was an inside job, but when one of the two security guards on scene commits suicide, the investigation takes an unexpected turn. Nixon is distraught when Abi's father, Glenn Weston, turns up at the station.
51"Home Run (Part 1)"
First credited appearance of PC Gabriel KentChristopher KingMaxwell Young2 July 2003 (2003-07-02)126
Hunter's suspicions about security guard Sid Wright are proven to be correct, so in her absence, he goes over Nixon's head to Meadows to approve surveillance on him. His persistence pays off when it transpires that Wright is planning to assist a raid on the Metropolitan Police warehouse, so Hunter convinces Meadows to use Drummond on the inside. Drummond is hastily drafted back into his undercover security guard persona. Meanwhile, Nixon tries to keep her daughter and Glenn Weston out of the hawk eye of the surrounding press, who are determined to get a scoop. Taviner confronts Murphy with his feelings for her, and despite her initial objections, the two end up going home together.
52"Home Run (Part 2)"
Donald Sumpter guest stars.Christopher KingMaxwell Young3 July 2003 (2003-07-03)127
Drummond's attempts to gain the confidence of Sid Wright are getting nowhere, so he literally plays his last hand when he follows Wright and gate-crashes a private poker game between Wright and the Fosters. On his way home from the game, Drummond is abducted by the Foster family, who reveal that they know about his polygamy, and the fact that he's a police officer. Meanwhile, a drunken brawl outside a pub turns nasty when Murphy finds a boy beaten badly on the street. Feeling guilty at having let the suspects off with a warning earlier, Murphy tackles the case on her own rather than handing it over to CID. Nixon reluctantly organises a meeting between her daughter Abi and her father.
53"A Man of Few Words"
Donald Sumpter guest stars.Robert Del MaestroPhillip Gladwin9 July 2003 (2003-07-09)128
Drummond's cover as a security guard has been blown. Archie Foster blackmails Drummond into helping them raid the Metropolitan Police warehouse, in order to steal millions of pounds worth of luxury sports cars - and as an incentive, he threatens Drummond's family. Drummond's absence at the station goes unnoticed at first, and uniform are kept busy by a series of bomb hoaxes organised by Foster. With the raid underway, Foster's plans begin to unravel, and Drummond has to put off a curious McAllister and Becker who turn up looking for him. As Foster and his gang make their escape, internal rivalries and a counter-raid by a rival gang see the body count rise ever higher, and Drummond is himself shot.
54"In High Demand"
TBARobert Del MaestroTom Higgins10 July 2003 (2003-07-10)129
Drummond is taken to hospital following the shooting, but decides to discharge himself when he discovers that his son, Alex, has been kidnapped by the Fosters. Meanwhile, Okaro is furious after reading the news stories featuring Nixon and Glenn Weston, and whilst being left with the backlash from the robbery operation going belly up, Okaro pulls Nixon off the case and forces her to take two weeks sick leave. Nixon decides to prove to her daughter that despite all of the recent events, she does love her and does care about her. Meanwhile, an audacious Young is called to deal with a vicious catfight between two young girls, and suspects that she may have stumbled on a prostitution ring.
TBAEmma WilliamsSimon J. Ashford16 July 2003 (2003-07-16)130
Drummond escapes from hospital to find his son Alex, and doesn't waste any time in recruiting Best to assist his search. When he manages to locate Vince Foster, Foster informs him that the only way he will ever see his son again is if he delivers him Sid Wright on a plate. Meanwhile, Taviner and Murphy attend to a disturbance at a local brothel, but their own personal feelings for each other begin to get in the way of their work. Hunter and Becker discover the location of the car gang's hideout. Page attends Dr. Owen Preston's funeral, but during her speech, nearly blurts out that she was present when Owen committed suicide, until an audacious Bradford manages to step in and save her.
56"Two Hours"
TBAEmma WilliamsTom Needham17 July 2003 (2003-07-17)131
Despite delivering the goods as planned, Foster demands that Drummond finds the men who murdered his father - and his missing cargo of stolen cars - in return for his son's safety. With little information to go on, Smithy goes undercover as a prisoner to find out exactly where the stolen cars are being hidden. When Taviner and Murphy begin the search for a missing prostitute, they uncover an underage prostitution ring run by a known pimp, who lo and behold, was interviewed by Young the previous day. An intrigued Hollis tries to find out the identity of the new woman in Taviner's life. Murphy feels she's been taken for a fool when Hollis tells her that Taviner has told him about his relationship.
Matilda Ziegler and Jo Stone-Fewings guest star.Peter ButlerChris Fewtrell23 July 2003 (2003-07-23)132
Gold and Okaro decide to mount an obbo to catch pimp John Rutherford in the act, which means sending Best undercover at London's Kings Cross Station. He rescues a young girl, Lorna, from a mugger, and the two start to get on well. When they are approached by Rutherford, he suggests they stay at a squat he knows. Best is suspicious, but doesn't want to leave Lorna in Rutherford's clutches. However, when the support team lose sight of him, Best finds he is in way over his head. At the squat, he is drugged, and wakes up with no memory of the previous night when Taviner and Hollis raid the house. Meanwhile, Ackland and Bradford investigate a domestic violence case involving a husband and wife.
58"Under Fire"
Matilda Ziegler and Jo Stone-Fewings guest stars.Peter ButlerPatrea Smallacombe24 July 2003 (2003-07-24)133
Ackland finds she is becoming too personally involved with the domestic violence case when she tries to protect victim Monica Skinner from her husband, Sean, by forcing her to testify against him. When Monica and her boyfriend are found attacked, suspicion immediately falls on Sean, but Carver isn't too sure. Buxton finds herself having to lie in her statement when she naively purchases cheap electrical goods from an old friend, later to discover they are stolen. A drug dealer is brought in for questioning and offers to provide information on Klein in return for a deal. Okaro catches Murphy in throes of passion with Taviner, and is accused of being soft on prostitution by a local councillor.
59"Professional Image"
Mollie Sugden, Ron Moody, Jo Stone-Fewings and Jonathan Tafler guest star.David HolroydJohn Milne30 July 2003 (2003-07-30)134
Ackland finds herself caught up in a difficult situation when her professionalism is called into question following Monica Skinner's suicide, and her position as the head of CSU is called into doubt. Meanwhile, Stamp and Hollis find themselves having a slow day, and find that the most exciting thing for them to do is to help accompany an elderly couple to church. Tait is surprised when he is called to the scene of a general robbery and finds that his ex-girlfriend, and the mother of his child, is working there. As well as having to deal with the fall-out, his day turns from bad to worse when he discovers that his daughter, Emily, might be in danger from his ex-girlfriend's new partner, Mark Davies.
60"Sunday Driver"
DC Ramani DeCosta is promoted to DSDavid HolroydKatherine Smith31 July 2003 (2003-07-31)135
On her first day back in uniform, Ackland finds a man brutally stabbed in the house of prominent CPS prosecutor Carl Harris. After arresting Harris for GBH, Ackland discovers that he and Okaro have some previous history - Harris threw out an assault case that Okaro had worked on. Harris's daughter Natasha stays quiet, and it is clear she knows more than she is letting on. When Ackland convinces Natasha to reveal the truth, she reveals that the victim was her biological father, and that he had been blackmailing Harris. Meanwhile, Mark Davies ends up in hospital following a mysterious assault, and Best looks on in horror as Tait bundles his daughter Emily into a minicab and speeds away.
61"A Head on the Block"
TBAKen GrieveSimon McCleave6 August 2003 (2003-08-06)136
Tait, after abducting his own daughter, Emily, decides to return to Australia, but realises that he is making the wrong decision and decides to return to Sun Hill. Best, suspicious that Mark Davies will refuse to name his attacker, decides to keep a close eye on Tait. When Mark Davies is discharged from hospital, he is involved in a hit-and-run, and later dies in hospital of his injuries, but Best discovers a link to a violent loan shark. Webb investigates when a man is found injured in a woman's home in mysterious circumstances. Meadows does all he can to prevent Rachel Heath from being charged with GBH, but when the victim presses charges, he finds that the matter is out of his hands.
62"Pick Your Friends"
Linda Robson guest stars.Ken GrieveTom Needham7 August 2003 (2003-08-07)137
Page's irreverent cousin Michelle turns up at Sun Hill, and lodges a report stating she is being stalked. Despite Michelle's obstructiveness, Page manages to convince Bradford to gather some information so they can identify the suspect. As Page and Bradford uncover details of Michelle's love life, Bradford's indiscrete line of questioning results in a complaint made against her and a tongue lashing from De Costa, but Bradford turns the tables once again by telling De Costa that she herself was stalked. Ackland feels her age when she falls behind while chasing a bag snatcher, but when an elderly lady is struck by a car and later dies in hospital, Ackland realises the dead woman could be Webb's mother.
TBAFraser McDonaldMatthew Leys13 August 2003 (2003-08-13)138
Hunter and Sharpe investigate an assault case, where a footballer's career has been ruined by an apparent deliberate foul. They arrest the suspect after viewing a videotape of the match, but bringing him back to Sun Hill, they are surprised to find out that he is Harman's fiancé. Harman risks her career to save "her Fletch" and hides the videotape evidence in her locker. Webb arrives for work, determined to track down the driver who killed his mother. At Webb's encouragement, Becker uses a young prostitute as bait in a big drugs sting. When the woman goes missing, Webb checks an escort agency's website and is stunned to see Meadows' new girlfriend is a prostitute. Smithy and Gold have a drinking contest.
64"A New Lease of Life"
David Legeno guest stars.Fraser McDonaldMatthew Leys14 August 2003 (2003-08-14)139
Best attends the scene of a RTA involving a white van, and discovers that Gold is one of the two drivers involved. Gold insists that Best follows procedure and breathalyses her, and when the test is positive, he is forced to arrest her for driving under the influence. Smithy, realising that Gold's condition is due to his meddling during the drinking contest, conspires with Best to rig the test by using a sample of Best's breath instead. Gold is surprised when she is told that she is being released with no further action, but when she works out what Smithy and Best have done, she is furious that they have implicated her in a conspiracy - and warns them not to breathe a word to anyone about it, or risk their own careers.
65"Silver to Grey"
TBACrispin ReeceMaxwell Young20 August 2003 (2003-08-20)140
Becker regrets her attempts to help out her married lesbian lover after her husband vows to get his revenge. After being taken to an empty house which is under construction, Becker suspects that Gavin's motives may involve the same treatment which he gave to his wife. McAllister manages to track down her missing colleague, and the pair manage to overpower him and take him into custody. Meanwhile, Smithy and Young are in pursuit of a drug dealer, when the suspect runs straight into the path of McAllister's oncoming car. When McAllister goes to check on Gavin, he escapes her clutches and leads her and Becker to a warehouse. The pair soon face an investigation when Gavin falls to his death.
66"Step up to the Plate"
TBACrispin ReeceClive Coleman21 August 2003 (2003-08-21)141
Taviner and Young end up pursuing a speeding car after responding to a burglary call, and discover that the car has been stolen by the masked driver. Taviner matches the MO to a number of similar cases in the area, and decides to challenge a group of young joyriders who seem to be giving him the runaround. When the leader of the gang turns up at the station and gives false information to Smithy, Taviner arrives at the suspect's reported location to find himself in the middle of an ambush. He pushes Smithy to set up an obbo, but when he refuses, he goes over his head to Gold to get the obbo authorised. During the obbo, Taviner is distracted, and watches on as the Area Car speeds out of sight.
67"Centre of Attraction"
TBAJim O'HanlonSue Mooney27 August 2003 (2003-08-27)142
Taviner is forced to cover up Smithy and Young's indiscretions when Gold questions the three of them on how the Area Car ended up in the hands of a teenage joyrider. Following an extensive search, Taviner finds the car atop a local multi-storey, having been covered in graffiti. Taviner uses a message received on the gang leader's mobile phone to set up a second operation. He borrows a 'stinger' from traffic and lies in wait at the location of the next joyride, and sure enough, his prime suspect turns up with another stolen car in tow. Meanwhile, Ackland convinces crime wife Julie Lewis to help sting a big drugs bust, but Julie's husband Eddie is shot dead when one of the dealers pulls a gun.
68"Bold as Brass"
Final appearance of PC Ruby Buxton, Tim Munro guest starsJim O'HanlonPatrea Smallacombe28 August 2003 (2003-08-28)143
Gold leads the relief in searching a cinema for a hidden bomb, which has been timed to go off in less than sixty minutes, following a radio announcement from the bomber himself. With the help of two cinema staff, the relief search Screen 3, and find the bomb attached to seat B5. However, the bomb detonates much earlier than planned. McAllister investigates a possible link to the person who regularly books the seat. With Harman critically injured, Buxton finds usher Stephen at her bedside. She manages to talk him down from setting off another bomb, but despite her bravery, sick of being pressured by the unscrupulous Kent, Buxton admits her perjury and tenders her resignation.
69"Power Trip"
Return of PC Nick KleinDiana PatrickGraham Mitchell2 September 2003 (2003-09-02)144
Klein returns to work, and on his first shift is paired with Best. They attend a break-in at a young woman's flat, which seems to be part of a campaign of harassment by property developer Charles Vanderbilt to force two women to sell their flats to him. Reluctant to testify, but holding out for more money, the women stay put, until an arson attack takes place - with fatal consequences. Glaze is given a taste of life outside CSU when he is asked to help out with the case, having investigated Vanderbilt's brother in the past for similar offences. Meanwhile, Nixon and Gold investigate a series of burglaries involving online dating ads, where the latest victim is none other than Meadows' estranged wife, Laura.
70"Ride the Tiger"
TBADiana PatrickHenrietta Hardy3 September 2003 (2003-09-03)145
McAllister acts as a decoy to catch property developer Charles Vanderbilt in the act, but is taken aback when one of Vanderbilt's henchmen lobs a grenade through the window of the stake-out flat. Hunter asks Tait and Klein to keep an eye on Vanderbilt's right-hand man, and tail him following an altercation. When Klein corners Vanderbilt's second-in-command, Jim Conrad, the ensuing events once again leave Klein with trouble looming. Meanwhile, Nixon manages to persuade Ackland to go undercover to attract the online-ad burglar, and Stamp and Kent try to identify a young boy who has found unconscious in the street, having been the victim of an overdose of ecstasy.
71"The Law of the Jungle"
TBANeil AdamsNicholas McInerny4 September 2003 (2003-09-04)146
Okaro is determined to expose property developer Charles Vanderbilt before he can get planning approval for the flat redevelopment, and Glaze comes close to getting Carol Evans and Sandra Yorke to testify. They then have a lucky break when they are able arrest Vanderbilt on customs and immigration charges, when they discover that he "imports" prostitutes and drugs from Eastern Europe on his private plane. Meanwhile, Ackland goes ahead with the sting operation on the online-ad burglar, Hunter coerces Klein and Tait to lie to Nixon about the circumstances of Jim Conrad's injuries, and Sharpe receives a surprise when her lover from the night before is arrested in possession of drugs.
First appearance of DC Terry Perkins, Ian Puleston-Davies guest starsNeil AdamsNicholas McInerny10 September 2003 (2003-09-10)147
Ackland consoles Meadows' broken wife Laura when she informs her that she has been raped. The case is immediately referred to Barton Street, where sexual offences expert Terry Perkins deals with the case. A search of the crime scene reveals a lost driving licence belonging to Keith Brennan, the prime suspect in the string of online-ad burglaries back at Sun Hill. When Webb discovers Brennan is in custody elsewhere, his digging to discover why leads him to accidentally break the news to an unsuspecting Meadows. Meanwhile, Klein and Tait solve a spate of muggings involving skateboards and a stun gun, and Best is furious when Harman invites his father to a surprise birthday party.
73"A Close Shave"
FDO Roberta Cryer becomes a CAD officerChristopher KingKatherine Smith11 September 2003 (2003-09-11)148
Bradford ignores the urgent calls of domestic violence victim Paula Robinson and her son, and is shocked when she is brutally beaten by her husband. Paula's young son volunteers to act as bait for the father when he eludes the police, but De Costa begins to have serious doubts about Bradford. Now working as a CAD officer, Cryer realises that Bradford's deceit is responsible for the assault on Paula, and threatens to tell all to Okaro. A desperate Bradford calls Cryer and insists the reason she's been so out of sorts is because she has a stalker. She then requests urgent assistance, which Cryer knows is a lie, and ignores. When a 999 call comes through, Taviner and Kent find Bradford badly injured in a stairwell.
74"Beware the Smiling Knife"
Final appearance of CAD officer Roberta Cryer, Eric Richard guest stars as Bob CryerChristopher KingSteve Hughes17 September 2003 (2003-09-17)149
Gold has no choice but to suspend Cryer following Bradford's hospitalisation, and Cryer is escorted from the station. Desperate to save her job, Cryer calls on her uncle, Bob, and the pair do some investigation into Bradford's lies. Sandra Malik, the doctor who Bradford harassed and framed, has moved to Australia, so they track down Petra McAvoy, whom Bradford beat up in the interview room. Petra is only too happy to make a statement, but once again, her evidence is called into question. Kent ignores Taviner's advice when he sympathises with a depressed father and helps him get bail, but Kent's good deed has tragic and fatal consequences. Page's bail hearing is refused, and she is sent to prison.
75"The Dirty Dozen"
First appearance of CADO Dean McVerry, Ian Puleston-Davies guest starsNigel KeenTom Needham18 September 2003 (2003-09-18)150
Best and Harman finds themselves in an unexpected passionate clinch whilst searching for a madman who has been brandishing a sword. McAllister and Hunter begin to find mutual attraction to one another as they investigate a car ringing scam. The CID love triangle begins to hot up as Becker notices Hunter and McAllister's behaviour towards one another. Smithy is outraged when Okaro accuses him of racism. Murphy begins to suffer from morning sickness, and worries about telling Taviner. Page begins to adjust to life in prison.
76"Hallmark Moment"
Barry Jackson guest stars.Nigel KeenDamian Wayling23 September 2003 (2003-09-23)151
Sharpe and Drummond investigate when a black man is set alight on the Jasmine Allen estate, and a graffiti tag on a nearby wall leads them to Brad Kelso, one of a gang of youths who don't hesitate to make racist comments to Sharpe. Calling for urgent assistance, Smithy is attacked by Brad Kelso and his gang, but when Kelso stops breathing after being arrested by Sharpe, Smithy thinks Sharpe may have gone one step too far and let Kelso's taunts get the better of her. In prison, Page befriends Eileen, a customs and excise officer who insists that she has been framed by her boyfriend. Page asks Bradford to do some digging, but Becker instead asks Page to keep an eye on her cellmate. McAllister takes her opportunity to surprise Hunter in the shower after the two of them end up mucky after being called to the scene of a severed arm found on a beach.
77"Going Down in Flames"
TBARobert Del MaestroJaden Clark24 September 2003 (2003-09-24)152
Smithy unwittingly gives CPR to Brad Kelso, but by the time the ambulance crews arrive, it appears that it is just a little too late. Sharpe realises that she faces an inquiry into Kelso's death, and wonders whether Smithy will reveal her indiscretions whilst she was arresting Kelso. Meanwhile, Smithy has problems of his own to contend with as he fights to prove to Okaro that he's not a racist. Page provides information on her cellmate, who wants a hitman to eliminate a witness against her. Webb and Meadows are hot on the trail of violent criminal Martin Delaney, who is assaulting and stealing from escort girls, and Meadows arranges another meeting with Rachel Heath, much to Webb's disliking.
78"Salt of the Earth"
TBARobert Del MaestroSimon McCleave25 September 2003 (2003-09-25)153
Smithy puts his neck on the line by digging into Brad Kelso's past, in an attempt to uncover information that will clear Eva's name. Meanwhile, the investigation into Page's cellmate takes an interesting turn when Carver goes undercover as a hit-man in an attempt to gather evidence against her. Webb's investigation into Martin Delaney takes a vicious turn when Delaney takes a dislike to Webb's line of questioning. CID soon becomes a hot plate of unbridled passion when McAllister and Becker offer Hunter the promise of a lifetime - a threesome. Carver's wife turns up drunk at the station and assaults him in front of his colleagues. Harman informs a disappointed Best that their liaison was a one-off.
79"Haunted (Part 1)"
First appearance of DC Rob Thatcher, return of Sally Johnson, Ian Puleston-Davies guest starsMark WalkerJohn Milne2 October 2003 (2003-10-02)154
Webb is in denial after the attack by Martin Delaney, and tries to keep the incident secret, but is furious when he discovers that Smithy has discussed it. Webb is distraught and battles himself over whether or not to throw in the towel. Detective constable Rob Thatcher arrives for his first day at Sun Hill and is tasked with investigating the malicious stabbing of a Chinese waiter. Best is shocked when he finds his father drinking with Gold. Meanwhile, Taviner and Glaze realise their days might be numbered when former inspector Sally Johnson arrives at Sun Hill, now a private investigator, to look for evidence to prove that Jeff Simpson was innocent of the firebombing of Sun Hill.
80"Haunted (Part 2)"
Final appearance of DC Danny Glaze, departure of DC Mickey Webb, John Bennett guest starsMark WalkerEmma Goodwin8 October 2003 (2003-10-08)155
Webb decides to go after Delaney, and strikes lucky with Delaney's prison padre, and goes in search of a lead on the man who raped Delaney in prison. He comes across Delaney in a park, and after a confrontation, chases him. Delaney is caught and charged, but has no intention of leaving Webb out of it - and reveals in interview that he raped him. Devastated, Webb decides to press charges and to leave Sun Hill before he's the talk of the nick. Meanwhile, Meadows' relationship with Rachel Heath becomes the talk of the station. Johnson is getting closer and closer to uncovering the truth about the Sun Hill fire, and unable to take the heat, Glaze decides to cut and run, with a robbery victim's cash.
First appearance of PC Yvonne HemmingwaySusan TullyMaxwell Young9 October 2003 (2003-10-09)156
Constable Yvonne Hemmingway arrives for her first day at Sun Hill, and is paired with Klein to investigate a teenage girl who is being harassed. When a cyclist is hit by a stolen car during a pursuit, the prime suspect is one of the girl gang, Beth Tyler, the reluctant witness in a rape case several months previously. Taviner is devastated when he fails to revive a baby who appears to have died of SIDS, forcing Murphy to admit that she is pregnant with his baby. Thatcher notches up his first conquest in the form of Bradford, but she later receives a surprise proposal. Meadows receives Glaze's warrant card in the post. Johnson fails to get the hint that she may be chasing the wrong leads.
First appearance of SRO Marilyn ChambersSusan TullyChris Fewtrell15 October 2003 (2003-10-15)157
Murphy finds herself caught in the middle of a personal dilemma when she is asked to investigate a possible cot death. Taviner decides to put his priorities in order and to focus on Murphy and their baby. Hemmingway and Young have a falling out over different ways to approach a case. Thatcher continues to try and woo the entire female Sun Hill workforce, and sets his eyes upon new station reception officer Marilyn Chambers. He bets Klein he can get her into bed on the first date, but he soon finds himself in close competition with none other than Hollis. Taviner becomes determined to cover his tracks for the sake of his baby when Johnson continues to pressurise him over the Jeff Simpson case.
83"Dead and Gone"
Final appearance of Sally Johnson, Ian Puleston-Davies guest starsPeter ButlerCarol Ann Docherty16 October 2003 (2003-10-16)158
Thatcher and Kane raid the house of a heroin dealer, after several addicts die from a bad batch. Thatcher is determined to catch the supplier, and once again, he goes too far when arresting a suspect, who turns out to be Alan Best, Best's father, who is working as a police informant for Gold. Murphy tells Taviner that she is going to leave her husband for him, but Taviner has other matters on his mind when Hollis warns him that Johnson is closer than ever to the truth about the Sun Hill fire, and at a memorial ceremony for the officers who died, Taviner is too overcome with guilt to make a speech. Determined to be honest with Murphy, Taviner admits he framed Jeff Simpson for the fire.
84"Writing on the Wall"
Ian Puleston-Davies guest stars.Peter ButlerMaxwell Young22 October 2003 (2003-10-22)159
Murphy manages to get a confession from Taviner, when she presses him on his involvement in the station fire that killed six. CID's operation into the dodgy heroin dealer is compromised when Best tries to apologise to his father for assaulting him the day before. However, when the target pulls a gun, Alan stops him from shooting Best, but Alan is subsequently abducted. Will Best be able to thank his father and make it up with him, or is it too late? Taviner and Hollis chase a youth robbing the elderly, and when an elderly man is stabbed, his wife has a heart attack and dies of the shock. Taviner is angered, and beats up the prime suspect when Kane refuses to take any action. Taviner is furious when Gold tells him that Murphy is bound for New Scotland Yard with Okaro, fearing she will expose his role in the station fire. When another robbery comes in over the radio, Taviner's pursuit of the prime suspect ends in a chemical warehouse, sending a massive explosion through the building and the Area Car.
85"Lap of the Gods"
Terrence Hardiman guest stars.Ken GrieveMark Greig23 October 2003 (2003-10-23)160
Smithy rushes to the burning warehouse, while Stamp puts in the urgent assistance call. Smithy pulls Hollis from the car, but as he goes back for Taviner, a balcony collapses onto the two cars, causing another explosion. As the dust settles and the fire stops, a body is removed, but there is no sign of Taviner. Is he dead, or has he managed to escape capture? The search for kidnap victim Alan Best gets underway, but Best is concerned he won't be able to make up things with his father. Page's trial starts smoothly, but she is devastated when both Bradford and Max Wyatt betray her in the witness box. Meanwhile, Carver's wife Marie harangues June and presses her over her past relationships and Sheelagh tells June that Des is the father of her unborn child.
86"Better Late than Never"
Charles Dale and Terrence Hardiman guest star.Ken GrieveNicholas McInerny29 October 2003 (2003-10-29)161
Smithy volunteers himself to suspected abductor Jules Ellis as a hostage, in exchange for the release of an elderly couple. Gold co-ordinates activities from the ground, but S019's DS is furious when he discovers what Smith has done. S019 prepare to storm the building but Gold's concerns for Smith causes her to go over SO19's head to Okaro, but changes her mind when the negotiator loses contact with suspect Ellis. Smithy tries to talk his way out of a tricky situation. Page takes to the stand at her trial and decides to tell the truth, in a last-ditch effort to save herself from being found guilty of the murder of Dr. Owen Preston. The search for Taviner's body in the remains of the warehouse continues, but to no avail. Juliet and Cathy arrest a drunk but he pulls a knife on the Becker in the yard.
87"Fatal Consequences"
Final appearance of DC Juliet Becker, Charles Dale, Cathy Shipton and Aaron Taylor-Johnson guest star.Sylvie BodenTom Needham30 October 2003 (2003-10-30)162
Live episode. Becker and Bradford are held hostage in the yard by a drunk wielding a knife. Becker is dragged into a carrier and Bradford escapes to get backup. Okaro takes control and orders Kent, Klein and Smith storm the van and but Becker has been stabbed, and she tragically dies in hospital. There are complications when the suspect swallows his tongue in custody. Best comes face-to-face with his father's murderer and during a rooftop tussle when Ellis escapes from an open custody door, Ellis falls to his death with Gary on top of him. Carver and Ackland reminisce over their twenty years of service together at Sun Hill when he is in hospital after being assaulted by his drunken wife, Marie. Murphy hears someone call her name after returning to Sun Hill from the hospital but doesn't see who it is - Des Taviner, who has survived the fire. Webb returns to Sun Hill as a member of the Murder Investigation Team investigating Alan Best's murder and makes clear to his former colleagues that he has moved past his rape by Martin Delaney.
88"What's the Scoop?"
Departure of PC Polly Page, Lorraine Kelly and Terrence Hardiman guest starSylvie BodenKatherine Smith5 November 2003 (2003-11-05)163
McAllister and Hunter investigate a serious assault on a prostitute, while Okaro is forced to deal with National Party councillor Nicola Marsh, who is trying to raise racial tensions by highlighting an increase in black-on-white crime. Best recovers in hospital after throwing Jules Ellis to his death from the station roof, and falling off himself. McAllister is saddened to discover that Becker died the night before, and Sun Hill deal with the fallout due to the death of the suspect, who swallowed his tongue in custody. Murphy admits to Okaro that Taviner was responsible for the Sun Hill firebombing when forensics discover that he wasn't killed in the Area Car warehouse explosion. Page is found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. Kent gets close to Ackland.
89"Overdue Honeymoon"
TBARupert SuchPatrick Melanaphy6 November 2003 (2003-11-06)164
Thatcher and Hunter investigate a campaign of hate against a boxer and discover that the motive behind the vendetta may not be as simple as they first imagined. With racial tensions once again threatening to rear an ugly head, Okaro finds himself under pressure to placate both local community leaders and National Party councillor Nicola Marsh in the light of recent events. A gang of racists are terrorizing an Indian restaurant, so Ackland and Kent decide to go undercover to fish them out. However, their undercover status as a couple leads to Ackland asking Kent out for a drink after work. Hunter struggles to keep his work life separate when he attends a session of IVF treatment with his wife.
90"Live a Charmed Life"
TBARupert SuchJulian Perkins12 November 2003 (2003-11-12)165
Thatcher and Hunter discover a link between the assault on boxer Joel Brewer and none other than Dennis Weaver, but Hunter discovers much more than he bargained for. New detective constable Terry Perkins joins Sun Hill from Barton Street, and is immediately assigned as the station's sex offenders register officer, and is given his own part of the CSU designed to manage dangerous offenders released back into the community. He is immediately thrown into the thick of the action when he and Sharpe investigate when a convicted paedophile is seen giving money to a schoolgirl. Hunter's wife turns up at the station with the news of her pregnancy test, but is Hunter ready to juggle his work and home lives?
91"Close to Home"
TBAAudrey CookeEmma Goodwin13 November 2003 (2003-11-13)166
Carver and De Costa investigate the staff at St. Hugh's hospital when the home of an elderly patient is burgled, using the keys in her bedside cabinet. However, a discrepancy over the amount of money stolen soon puts someone else entirely in the frame. Meanwhile, Perkins and Sharpe try different approaches in dealing with paedophile Ian Forrester, but Terry's idea of a rehabilitation programme for the convicted offender doesn't exactly light up Sharpe's world. Harman makes a shocking discovery about a suspected intruder at Stamp's house, who turns out to be none other than his Filipino girlfriend - but that's nothing compared to the surprise awaiting Stamp when he arrives back home.
Colin McFarlane guest stars.Audrey CookeHenrietta Hardy19 November 2003 (2003-11-19)167
Hunter and Sharpe follow separate lines of inquiry when a prostitute is stabbed, and although Sharpe's investigation uncovers the perpetrator, Hunter is quick to take the credit. Sharpe realises that she is going to have to pull out all of the stops to prevent Hunter from overshadowing her and making her look useless in front of the top brass. Klein discovers what has happened, and is angered by the sergeant's behaviour, so he puts in a call to his wife, determined to dish the dirt on Hunter's illegitimate daughter. Meanwhile, Carver is embarrassed when his wife is brought in on a charge of being drunk and disorderly, and it's not long before the news going flying around the station.
93"Blaze of Glory"
Paul Nicholas and Judi Bowker guest star.Neil AdamsTom Higgins20 November 2003 (2003-11-20)168
Smithy is forced to deal with a complicated victim, who has not only been the victim of an aggravated burglary, but has also been subjected to male rape. The possible links between the two crimes uncover a prime suspect. Meanwhile, Kent confides in a lovestruck Ackland, telling her that his parents were recently both killed in a car crash. Sharpe decides to step in when she believes that Carver's aggressive behaviour towards his wife is getting out of hand, while his wife pays a visit to the station and warns Ackland to stay well away from her husband. Meanwhile, Hunter is furious when Klein admits that he was the one who told his wife that he had been having an affair.
94"A Bleeding Heart"
TBANeil AdamsChris Bucknall26 November 2003 (2003-11-26)169
De Costa and Thatcher are hot on the tail of a man who has been secretly filming girls on video getting changed in the changing rooms of a local leisure centre. De Costa is sickened at the thought of the suspect's bravado, but her day goes from bad to worse when receives news on the grapevine that her stepdaughter has been the victim of a vicious rape. Meanwhile, Ackland's judgement is called into question when she makes a wrongful arrest, but her investigation leads her to discover an unreported suicide. Hollis continues to prove he has policeman's intuition when he goes it alone to gather evidence and solve the case of a blind woman who had been brutally attacked by thugs.
95"Shooting the Daggers"
TBABrett FallisEmma Goodwin27 November 2003 (2003-11-27)170
De Costa is distraught over her stepdaughter Jasmine's rape, and when the girl admits she lied in her interview, De Costa fears she'll be pulled apart in the witness box if the case goes to trial. Thatcher is assigned to the investigation and is determined to get to the bottom of the events, which occurred. Stamp's Filipino girlfriend isn't impressed when he discovers that she is part of an illegal immigration racket, and he uses her in a sting operation to capture human traffickers. Kent attends a domestic dispute, which turns out to be at Carver's house, and finds him and his wife having a physical row, after Carver confronted her after discovering she has been harassing Ackland.
96"Forgive and Forget"
TBABrett FallisJake Riddell3 December 2003 (2003-12-03)171
Carver is recovering in hospital following a brutal assault by Kent, unaware that his wife was not responsible for his injuries. When his stepson accuses Carver of battering his mother, gossip soon starts to spread around the station. Assigned to investigate, Sharpe is less than tactful and accuses Carver of beating his wife. However, she soon realises that she has got the wrong end of the stick when Carver shows her his horrific injuries. Marie points the finger firmly at Kent, but neither Carver nor Sharpe agree with her version of events. Carver decides he has no choice but to call for a divorce. Meanwhile, Gold discovers a very interesting fact about Kent's past history.
97"Twenty-Twenty Hindsight"
TJ Ramini guest stars.Steve KellyWill Benjamin4 December 2003 (2003-12-04)172
Harman and Best arrive at the scene of a brutal assault, and whilst dealing with the victim, an abandoned baby is dumped in the back of their panda car. While the pair try to ID the victim, Harman receives a call from an anxious woman who wants to meet her to talk about the baby. Meanwhile, a man turns up at the station claiming to be the baby's uncle, and Kane decides to take him on the obbo to identify his sister, unaware that the man is actually the woman's husband and is responsible for the brutal attack on the woman's lover - the baby's real father. Meanwhile, Nixon investigates a brutal assault on a gym receptionist, only to find the woman's sister dead in the bath following a routine search of the victim's flat.
98"Pandora's Box"
Phoebe Thomas guest stars.Steve KellyDamian Wayling10 December 2003 (2003-12-10)173
Stamp arrests a man who fits the description of a mugger, but the suspect claims he is being racially discriminated against and tries to make a formal complaint regarding Stamp. Okaro discovers what has happened and is furious, especially in light of recent events regarding racial crime targets. He is pleased, however, when Kane discovers that the suspect is a prime target in a credit card fraud operation. Okaro asks Kane to find further evidence before charging the suspect, but Kane ignores him and charges him anyway. Meanwhile, Bradford returns to work following her TV debut, Hunter is the source of the latest station rumour, Nixon receives some bad news from Meadows, and Harman moves in with Kane.
Cathy Bradford is demoted back to a PCGed MaguireGraham Mitchell11 December 2003 (2003-12-11)174
Best and Harman stop a runaway vehicle which is being driven by a teenage joyrider. When the vehicle is traced to the boy's mother, they arrive to find her badly beaten and in the comfort of one of her neighbours. When she accuses her husband of rape and assault, De Costa is certain that an answer phone cassette, which was placed to record during the attack, will prove the husband's innocence or guilt. But when Bradford loses the tape, De Costa decides it's the last straw and has her hastily transferred back to uniform. Whilst investigate a number of graffiti attacks on a Jewish graveyard, Thatcher finds a link between the time of the disturbance and De Costa's investigation. Bradford, angered at her transfer to uniform and Kane & Harman's close relationship makes her snap, and she torches Kane's home.
100"Hit the Jackpot"
TBAGed MaguireEmma Goodwin17 December 2003 (2003-12-17)175
Whilst meeting in a restaurant to discuss a grievance, Klein and the new borough commander are amongst a number of restaurant patrons who are attacked by an armed gang. Okaro links the attack to a number of similar incidents on the patch within the last six weeks, and organises raids on all of the suspected targets. During the raids, Hunter chases one of the suspects, Paul Coles, who decides to jump from a high-rise balcony, leaving him with critical injuries. Soon, Okaro finds councillor Nicola Marsh breathing down his neck about the incident. Meanwhile, Hollis and Stamp investigate the disappearance of a factory worker, who is discovered to have absconded with all of the money from a lottery syndicate.
101"Tender Age"
Alibe Parsons guest stars.Christopher KingJohn Milne18 December 2003 (2003-12-18)176
Okaro decides to head back out on the streets in an attempt to improve morale amongst the relief. Paired with Stamp in the Area Car, the pair's first case involves a robbery in which the two suspects, who fled away in a getaway car, have crashed, resulting in the death of the driver and the passenger being critically injured. As they try to trace the mother of the injured passenger, they both find themselves facing an official complaint. However, when the involvement of a third party is discovered via CCTV evidence, it's soon clear that the pair may have been right all along. Meanwhile, Hunter and Klein investigate a lorry hijacking involving a number of out-of-date stolen geese.
102"On a Lonely Island"
ADI Samantha Nixon returns to DSChristopher KingJulian Perkins23 December 2003 (2003-12-23)177
Bradford's mental state begins to boil over when she is asked to deal with a man who has destroyed all of his wife's belongings after she cheated on him. She finds herself being less than sympathetic with the suspect, and the case gives her an ultimatum of her own, when she decides that it's time to say goodbye to her fiancé Max Wyatt, who tries to help Kane move out of Bradford's house. Meanwhile, Carver realises he is still finding things difficult when he is asked to investigate a case of domestic violence. Smithy comes across a teenager struggling to hold his family together on an estate run by drug-dealing gangs, and takes sympathy on the tearaway. But little does he know that the youngster is more caught up in events than he initially suspected.
103"Chasing the Dragon"
First appearance of DI Neil Manson, Harry Landis guest starsTerry IlandJulian Perkins24 December 2003 (2003-12-24)178
New DI Neil Manson arrives at Sun Hill to take over CID. He tasks Phil and Rob with dealing a Mis-Per, but when Christine Weaver and Cindy Hunter are arrested for fighting, Manson pulls Hunter off the case and pairs Thatcher with Nixon. The situation escalates when it appears that the missing person, a drug-addicted pensioner, is dealing for his grandson, and the pensioner is thrown off a balcony by rival dealers. MIT are called in when Max Wyatt's body is found in his freezer. Meanwhile, Leo Price is arrested again, Nick conspires with Cindy to end her marriage with Phil and trick him into dumping Christine, and Brandon finds the CCTV tape Cathy took from the car park where Brandon's wife Tanya was killed.
104"The Law"
Moya Brady guest stars as Roberta CryerTerry IlandMichael Jenner30 December 2003 (2003-12-30)179
Kane's curiosity mounts after seeing the CCTV tape of Bradford and his wife, and convinced that Bradford was somehow involved in his wife's death, he goes off in search of the one woman who can confirm his suspicions - former front desk officer Robbie Cryer. However, the information she reveals to him raises doubts over who was the cause of the fire at his home. Bradford manages to keep one step ahead of the team investigating her fiancé Max's murder, but her suspicions about Cryer cause her to seriously assault her long term nemesis. Meanwhile, Manson and Perkins investigate a series of hammer attacks on young women.
105"Lured into the Trap"
Moya Brady guest stars as Roberta CryerBaz TaylorColin Wyatt31 December 2003 (2003-12-31)180
Kane informs Gold and Meadows of his suspicions about Bradford's involvement in his ex-wife's death - soon after which, Robbie Cryer is found badly beaten. Aware that the net is closing in, Bradford tricks Kane into meeting her at the canal. Kane thinks the game is up, however, Bradford's infiltration scheme leaves her with one more trick up her sleeve. Kane gets a full insight into the danger he faces when she tells him she has abducted his children, and he realises that one wrong move could result in their death. Meanwhile, Sharpe and Thatcher are hot on the trail searching for a young girl whose bloodstained cardigan is discovered in the boot of a car fished from the canal.