Le Livre noir du Canada anglais

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Book jacket of the first volume reprint.

Le Livre noir du Canada Anglais (The Black Book of English Canada) is a series of three polemic books written by Quebec journalist Normand Lester. The essays relate what are, from the author's point of view while including many historian's citations, historical fabrications and injustices in Canada, notably those against the Quebecers, Jewish and aboriginal peoples.


The books responded to perceived Quebec bashing in the English Canadian press following the airing of Heritage Minutes, the treatment of the 1995 Quebec referendum and the federalist advertising campaign that would later develop into the sponsorship scandal. According to Lester, the English Canadian media was quick to pick up on stories that were distorted or untruthful, such as the supposed singing of a Nazi anthem at an early sovereigntist rally, which was actually an unrelated song with a similar title.

Generally, the books seek to disprove many of the claims of federalists, attempting to show that the Quebec sovereignty movement was not inherently fascist and anti-semitic, and that these prejudices were in plentiful supply in English Canada. Volume one accused former Canadian Prime Minister R. B. Bennett of funding fascist Adrien Arcand. Its publication resulted in the suspension of Lester by the Société Radio-Canada.


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