The Three Million Trial

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The Three Million Trial
Directed byYakov Protazanov
Written byYakov Protazanov
Umberto Notari (play)
StarringIgor Ilyinsky
Anatoli Ktorov
Mikhail Klimov
Olga Zhiznyeva
CinematographyPyotr Yermolov
Release date
23 August 1926 (USSR)
29 October 1933 (USA)
Running time
66 minutes (1,931 metres)
CountrySoviet Union
LanguageSilent film (Russian intertitles)

The Three Million Trial (Russian: Процесс о трех миллионах) is a 1926 Soviet silent comedy film starring Igor Ilyinsky and directed by Yakov Protazanov based on the play The Three Thieves (Italian: I tre ladri) by Umberto Notari. It was also released as Three Thieves in the United States.


To prepare grounds for yet another speculation, the banker Ornano (Mikhail Klimov) sells his house for three million rubles, but since it the weekend he cannot deposit the money in a bank and must carry it with him. He leaves the city for his country home for a short period of time, only return right away owing to his worries about the money. His wife sends a note to her lover telling him that there are three million in the house but the note, owing to the machinations of one of the three thieves on whom the film focuses, is intercepted. The note, falling into hands of the thief/adventurer Cascarilla (Anatoli Ktorov) causes him to plot his attempt to steal the money. Meantime, the small-time burglar Tapioca (Igor Ilyinsky) also chooses the same night to break into the house.



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