The Comeback (2015 film)

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The Comeback
Film Poster
Directed byIvan Andrew Payawal
StarringKaye Abad
Sheena Ramos
Valeen Montenegro
Matt Evans
Release date
  • November 9, 2015 (2015-11-09) (Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival)

The Comeback is a 2015 Filipino independent comedy film. It was nominated for Best Film, Best Actress, and Best Director in the 2015 Cinema One Originals Film Festival, but failed to win any awards.[1]


The story follows a 32-year-old formerly famous actress who loses everything in her life and decides to commit suicide. On the day she decides to kill herself, she receives a package containing four letters and a dead man’s ashes.



Writing in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, entertainment editor Rito P. Asilo remarked on the "riotous ludicrousness" of this "wacky comedy" that "fail[s] to say anything significant",[2] while an ABS-CBN reviewer focused on the quality of the lead's acting, saying that "Kaye Abad shines in her role as Angela Velasco".[3]


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