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The Comfortable Chair was a west coast sunshine-rock band that released a 1969 self-titled album The Comfortable Chair.

The Doors' band members John Densmore and Robby Krieger served as producers for their sole 1969 album on Ode Records.

The band was never big outside of the 1960s California circuit. The album features all-original songs (virtually every band member contributing to the writing chores). The lead singers are Bernie Schwartz and Barbara Wallace. Songs include Ain't No Good No More, Let Me Through, and the ballad I'll See You.

The band made its film debut in the Bob Hope - Jackie Gleason comedy vehicle movie How to Commit Marriage (1969) as a psychedelic-hippie rock band associated with the young people in the plot of the story. This group appeared in video-style presentation in the film, performing their hippie anthem, A Child's Garden.

Exemplified by Some Soon, Some Day and Stars In Heaven much of the set features a lazy, dreamy aura. They were a band heavily influenced by the likes of It's a Beautiful Day, Sweetwater and Jefferson Airplane. Their one and only now-highly collectible record album was released on CBS-Ode Records in 1969.


  • Bernie Schwartz - lead vocals
  • Barbara Wallace - lead vocals
  • Gene Garfin- woodwinds, percussion, vocals
  • Greg LeRoy - bass guitar, blues guitar
  • Warner Davis - drums
  • Tad Baczek - guitar
  • Gary Davis - keyboards

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