The Conscientious Objector

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The Conscientious Objector
Directed byTerry Benedict
Written byTerry Benedict
Jeff Wood
Produced byTerry Benedict
Jonathan Sheinberg
Gabe Videla
StarringDesmond Doss
Release date
Running time
102 minutes

The Conscientious Objector is a 2004 documentary film about the life of Desmond Doss, a conscientious objector who received a Medal of Honor for his service in World War II. Due to his religious convictions as a Seventh-day Adventist, he refused to carry a weapon. He initially faced opposition, persecution, and ridicule from his fellow soldiers but ultimately won their admiration by demonstrating courage and saving lives as a combat medic.

In 2016, a Mel Gibson film dramatizing Doss's life, Hacksaw Ridge, with Andrew Garfield as Doss, was released to mostly critical and commercial success. It also signaled Gibson's welcome-back to Hollywood.


The film has received some positive acclaim.[1][2][3]

The film has won multiple awards, including:[4]


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