The Corsican Brothers

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The Corsican Brothers
Houghton MS Thr 709 - Courbold, Corsican Brothers - crop.jpg
Painting by Edward Henry Corbould depicting a scene from The Corsican Brothers in an 1852 London adaptation
Author Alexandre Dumas, père
Publication date

The Corsican Brothers (French: Les Frères corses) is a novella by Alexandre Dumas, père, first published in 1844. It is the story of two conjoined brothers who, though separated at birth, can still feel each other's pains. It has been adapted many times on the stage and in film.





In popular culture[edit]

  • G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero characters Tomax and Xamot are twin brothers described as having "Corsican Syndrome" in that they share a psychic link and can feel each other's pain.
  • In the U.S. television science fiction series Warehouse 13, "The Corsican Brothers' Vest" is an artefact which causes who ever hurts the wearer to feel the pain (and get wounded) instead of him. In episode 24 of season 2, H.G.Wells' character wears the vest and when being shot, the shooter gets the bullet instead.
  • In Dear Bill, the parody of British political life during the Thatcher era, Denis Thatcher routinely refers to the government's PR consultants Saatchi and Saatchi as "The Corsican Brothers".

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