Cotton Jones

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Cotton Jones
Origin Cumberland, Maryland, United States
Genres Indie folk, psychedelic folk, dream pop, baroque pop, Americana
Years active 2008-present
Labels Suicide Squeeze Records
Associated acts Page France
Members Michael Nau
Whitney McGraw
Todd Gowans
Greg Bender

Cotton Jones (formerly The Cotton Jones Basket Ride) is an indie folk band, with elements of psychedelic folk, dream pop, baroque pop, and Americana, based in Cumberland, Maryland and currently signed to Suicide Squeeze Records.

Michael Nau (born October 31, 1984) is the lead singer-songwriter and plays guitar, Whitney McGraw (born July 20, 1986) is on keyboards, organ, and electronic autoharp, Todd Gowans (born February 4, 1986) is on lead electric guitar, and Greg Bender is on bass.

The signature sound of the band is Michael Nau and his wife Whitney McGraw's ethereal vocals.

The River Strumming[edit]

On September 23, 2008, the band released their first LP, The River Strumming, through the indie label St. Ives. It was a hand-made package limited to only 300 copies and was described as a "delightful slab of fuzzed-out dream folk."[1]

Paranoid Cocoon[edit]

On January 27, 2009, the band released their second LP, their debut for Suicide Squeeze Records, Paranoid Cocoon. It was described as a "weepy, reverb-drenched blend of Pacific Northwest, 1960s folk-pop, and heartland rock."[2]

Tall Hours in the Glowstream[edit]

On August 24, 2010, the band released their third LP, Tall Hours in the Glowstream. It was described as "classic country music filtered through a dream-pop haze."[3]

About the Game[edit]

On August 21, 2012, the band released About the Game, a 7" record limited to only 500 copies.[4]


On November 18, 2015, Michael Nau announced his solo debut Mowing, introducing the first single "Winter Beat" via SoundCloud.[5] The album was made available for pre-order, limited to only 1,000 copies, shipping on February 8, 2016. The album's general release date was February 19, 2016.[6]

Some Twist[edit]

On June 16 2017 Michael Nau released his second solo album Some Twist.[7] All Music Guide described it as a "high-humidity set for long summer days, present or imagined" and Red & Black described it as "outer space road trip music...songs that feel unreal in their otherworldliness."


Year Title Label
2007 The Cotton Jones Basket Ride EP Quite Scientific Records
2008 The Archery EP Quite Scientific Records
The River Strumming St. Ives Records
2009 Paranoid Cocoon Suicide Squeeze Records
Rio Ranger EP Quite Scientific Records
2010 Tall Hours in the Glowstream Suicide Squeeze Records
2011 Sit Beside Your Vegetables EP Suicide Squeeze Records
2012 About the Game 7" Porchlight Records
2016 Mowing Suicide Squeeze Records
2017 Some Twist Suicide Squeeze Records


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