The Count of Monte Cristo (1954 film)

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The Count of Monte Cristo
Montecristo Marais.jpg
Directed by Robert Vernay
Produced by Les Films du Cyclope
Written by Georges Neveux
Robert Vernay
Starring Daniel Ivernel
Jean Marais
Music by Jean Wiener
Release dates
14 January 1954 (France); 20 August 1954 (Italy)
Running time
183 minutes
Country Italy, France
Language French

The Count of Monte Cristo (French: Le Comte de Monte-Cristo) is a French drama romance film from 1954, directed by Robert Vernay, written by Georges Neveux, starring Daniel Ivernel and Jean Marais. The scenario was written on a basis of novel of Alexandre Dumas.[1] The film was known under the title "Il tesoro di Montecristo" (Italy).[2]


The coat of arms of the count are described in the original novel as "une montagne d’or, posant sur une mer d’azur, avec une croix de gueules au chef".


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