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A cube is any regular, six-sided, three-dimensional solid object.

Cube may also refer to:

Arts and Entertainment[edit]

  • The Cube or Alamo (sculpture) in New York, U.S., by Bernard Rosenthal
    • its counterpart, Endover at the University of Michigan, U.S.
  • Cube Interactive, an interactive media company (working in TV) in Cardiff, Wales, UK
  • Cube Route, a fantasy novel by Piers Anthony, set in Xanth and Phaze
  • Time Cube, a conspiracy theory website







Mathematics and computing[edit]

  • Cube (algebra), the third power of a number
  • Necker Cube, an optical illusion
  • The Cube attack, a cryptanalytic technique
  • Data cube, a three- (or higher) dimensional array of values
    • OLAP cube, an extension to a spreadsheet's two-dimensional array optimized for multidimensional analysis
  • The lambda cube (λ-cube), a framework of constructive logic

Models of computer:


  • Ice Cube (born 1969), American rapper, often referred to simply as "Cube"
  • Irma von Cube (1899–1977), German-American screenwriter

Other sciences[edit]

  • CuBe, an alloy of copper and beryllium
  • Cubé, a flowering plant of the legume family

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