The Definitive Collection (Level 42 album)

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The Definitive Collection
Greatest hits album by Level 42
Released June, 2006
Recorded 1980 - 1989
Genre Rock, Pop, Jazz-funk
Label Polydor
Level 42 chronology
Forever Now
(1994)Forever Now1994
The Definitive Collection

The Definitive Collection, released on June, 2006 is a greatest hits albums by the British musical group Level 42. The album peaked at #20 on the UK album charts.

Tracking List[edit]

  1. Lessons in Love (from "Running in the Family")
  2. Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) (from "Standing in the Light")
  3. Heaven In My Hands (from "Staring at the Sun")
  4. Something About You (from "World Machine")
  5. Hot Water (from "True Colours")
  6. Chinese Way (from "The Pursuit of Accidents")
  7. Leaving Me Now (from "World Machine")
  8. Running in the Family (from "Running in the Family")
  9. To Be With You Again (from "Running in the Family")
  10. Tracie (from "Staring at the Sun")
  11. It's Over (from "Running in the Family")
  12. Micro Kid (from "Standing in the Light")
  13. Children Say (from "Running in the Family")
  14. Love Games (from "Level 42")
  15. Turn It On (from "Level 42")
  16. Starchild (from "Level 42")
  17. Take a Look (from "Staring at the Sun")
  18. Take Care Of Yourself (from "Level Best")