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The Dolphin Brothers was a new wave/alternative band featuring Steve Jansen, and Richard Barbieri, both previously of the band Japan. The band released one album Catch the Fall in 1987, featuring Steve Jansen on drums, percussion, keyboards and lead vocals, and Richard Barbieri on keyboards and synthesizers.

Additional personnel were: Phil Palmer, David Rhodes (acoustic and electric guitars); B. Heinrich-Keat (electric guitar), Clive Bell (Thai flute, khene, crumhorn); Carrie Booth (piano); Danny Thompson (double bass); Matthew Seligman, Robert Bell (bass); Martin Ditcham (percussion); Suzanne Murphy, Katie Kissoon, P.P. Arnold (backing vocals).

Catch the Fall[edit]

Track listing includes:

1) "Catch the Fall"

2) "Shining"

3) "Second Sight"

4) "Love That You Need"

5) "Real Life, Real Answers"

6) "Host to the Holy"

7) "My Winter"

8) "Pushing The River"

A bonus track was included on the Japanese edition of the album called "Face to Face"[1]


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