The Evil Touch

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The Evil Touch
Starring Various
Country of origin Australia
No. of episodes 26
Running time 30 mins.
Original network Nine Network
Original release 19 June 1973 – 9 June 1974

The Evil Touch is an Australian-produced television series, originally broadcast in Australia in 1973 and produced by Amalgamated Pictures Australasia in association with Olola Productions Australia. An anthology series, each episode had a self-contained story usually in a thriller or horror style, and often with a twist ending. Subjects explored included the occult, science fiction, murder schemes, and whodunits. Each episode had a new cast of guest actors playing new characters, although several guest stars appeared in more than one episode.


The series was produced by American producer Mende Brown and partly funded by the Nine Network. A key feature was the involvement of internationally known actors. Some were lured to Australia to participate in the show by also being allowed to direct an episode. Supporting roles were filled by Australian actors. Although Australian television was still in black and white in 1973, to aid international marketability this series was shot entirely in colour, and on film.

Each episode was introduced by Anthony Quayle who appeared in a darkened studio surrounded by unearthly golden smoke imagery, frequently reminding viewers that there "was a touch of evil in all of us". He returned to provide the epilogue to each installment, always wishing viewers "pleasant dreams".


Each episode featured a new setting and characters and a different cast. Several name actors appeared, acting in multiple episodes as different characters:

Morrow and McGavin each directed one of the episodes they acted in. Australian actors in supporting roles included Jack Thompson, Elaine Lee, John Morris, June Thody, Tony Bonner, Neva Carr Glyn, Janet Kingsbury, Mirren Lee, Reg Evans.


The series was initially screened in Australia by the Nine Network in a prime time slot. The series was also screened in first-run syndication in the US and ITV in the UK, with later airings in the 1990s on Bravo. In Australia it was repeated in a late-night slot several times up until the mid-1980s.

List of episodes with American Airdates[edit]

  • 1.The Lake (9/16/73)
  • 2.Heart to Heart (9/23/73)
  • 3.Dr. McDermitt's New Patients (9/30/73)
  • 4.The Obituary (10/7/73)
  • 5.Happy New Year, Aunt Carrie (10/14/73)
  • 6.A Game of Hearts (10/21/73)
  • 7.Seeing Is Believing (10/28/73)
  • 8.The Upper Hand (11/4/73)
  • 9.Murder Is for the Birds (11/11/73)
  • 10.Marcie (11/18/73)
  • 11.George (11/25/73)
  • 12.Scared to Death (12/2/73)
  • 13.The Homecoming (12/9/73)
  • 14.Dear Beloved Monster (12/16/73)
  • 15.Campaign 2 (1/13/74)
  • 16.Faulkner's Choice (1/20/74)
  • 17.Dear Cora, I'm Going to Kill You (1/27/74)
  • 18.The Trial (2/3/74)
  • 19.The Fans (2/10/74)
  • 20.Kaidaitcha Country (2/24/74)
  • 21.Gornak's Prism (3/3/74)
  • 22.The Voyage (3/10/74)
  • 23.Death by Dreaming (3/24/74)
  • 24.Never Fool With a Gypsy Icon (3/31/74)
  • 25.They (6/2/74
  • 26.Wings of Death (6/9/74)


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