The Firesign Theatre's Big Book of Plays

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The Firesign Theatre's Big Book Of Plays
FT bbop.gif
AuthorThe Firesign Theatre
Cover artistVirginia Clive-Smith
Subjectradio drama, play scripts, sketch comedy
PublisherStraight Arrow Books
Publication date
Media typePaperback
Followed by'The Firesign Theatre's Big Mystery Joke Book 

The Firesign Theatre's Big Book Of Plays is a collection of transcriptions written by The Firesign Theatre for the title tracks of each of their first four albums. The book also contains some introductory material that is serious as well a few pieces that parody introductory material. Photos of the group—childhood photos, casual snapshots, and full-costume publicity shots vaguely related to the written material—are included. The book concludes with "Lt. Bradshaw's Secret Indentity [sic] Roster" which indicates which member of the group performs each major role. Some of the material from the group's first four albums that was not included in this collection can be found in the 1974 book, The Firesign Theatre's Big Mystery Joke Book. A later printing of the "Big Book of Plays" (circa 1980) has a bright yellow cover, with different cover illustrations than the original shown here.

Table of Contents[edit]