The First Decade (1983–1993)

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The First Decade (1983–1993)
Compilation album by Michael W. Smith
Released October 12, 1993
Recorded 1982-1993
Genre Contemporary Christian music
Length 67:24
Label Reunion Records
Michael W. Smith chronology
The Wonder Years

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The First Decade

I'll Lead You Home
(1995)I'll Lead You Home1995
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 5/5 stars[1]

The First Decade (1983–1993) is a compilation album from Christian recording artist Michael W. Smith. This album also features two new songs "Do You Dream of Me?" and "Kentucky Rose". A follow-up compilation album, The Second Decade (1993–2003), was released ten years later, picking up where The First Decade left off.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Original album Length
1. "Do You Dream of Me?" new recording 4:19
2. "Kentucky Rose" new recording 5:27
3. "Picture Perfect" Change Your World (1992) 3:55
4. "I Will Be Here for You" Change Your World (1992) 4:35
5. "Give It Away" Change Your World (1992) 5:07
6. "Place in This World" Go West Young Man (1990) 3:59
7. "Go West Young Man" Go West Young Man (1990) 3:55
8. "Pray for Me" i 2 (EYE) (1988) 3:54
9. "Secret Ambition" i 2 (EYE) (1988) 6:27
10. "Emily" Go West Young Man (1990) 4:19
11. "Old Enough to Know" The Big Picture (1986) 4:48
12. "Rocketown" The Big Picture (1986) 4:35
13. "I Am Sure" Michael W. Smith 2 (1984) 4:44
14. "Friends" Change Your World (1992) 4:41
15. "Great Is the Lord" Michael W. Smith Project (1983) 2:54

Missing hits[edit]

By the time of the release of The First Decade, Michael W. Smith had amassed thirty-three hit songs on CCM magazine's Adult Contemporary, CHR, and Inspirational charts, many of which had to be left off of the compilation due to time constraints. These missing hit songs were:

  • "Could He Be the Messiah" (No. 21 on CHR/AC/Inspo chart)
  • "Hosanna" (No. 2 on CHR/AC/Inspo)
  • "I Know" (No. 1 on CHR, No. 5 on AC/Inspo)
  • "Voices" (No. 19 on CHR, No. 5 on AC)
  • "Wired for Sound" (No. 4 on CHR)
  • "Nothin' But the Blood" (No. 5 on CHR, No. 28 on AC)
  • "Help You Find Your Way" (No. 13 on CHR)
  • "Hand of Providence" (No. 4 on CHR, No. 2 on AC)
  • "I Miss the Way" (No. 4 on AC, No. 11 on Inspo)
  • "Live and Learn" (No. 7 on CHR and AC)
  • "The Throne" (No. 1 on CHR and AC, No. 14 on Inspo)
  • "On the Other Side" (No. 3 on CHR, No. 2 on AC)
  • "Holy, Holy, Holy" (No. 5 on AC, No. 16 on Inspo)
  • "I Hear Leesha" (No. 5 on CHR, No. 7 on AC, No. 13 on Inspo)
  • "How Long Will Be Too Long" (No. 2 on CHR, No. 3 on AC)
  • "For You" (No. 1 on CHR, No. 2 on AC)
  • "Seed to Sow" (No. 2 on CHR, No. 4 on AC)
  • "Cross My Heart" (No. 3 on AC)
  • "Love Crusade" (No. 4 on CHR)
  • "Somebody Love Me" (No. 4 on CHR, No. 12 on AC).

In addition to their CCM chart placements, "For You" and "Somebody Love Me" also crossed over to the secular radio, with the former peaking at No. 20 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts and No. 60 on the Billboard Hot 100, and the latter peaking at No. 10 on the Adult Contemporary chart, and No. 71 on the Hot 100.